JD HD 75?


I know a few of the guys here are running these machines. What is the quality of cut like? What is the blade speed?
I am looking for a 54" hydro and since the JD's are on sale right now, they are $2000 less than comparable exmarks and hustlers, plus it is electric start and has a parking brake.



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how much can you get it for? i think it would probably cut well, because it has the 7 iron deck on it. or is this an older unit?


The dealer advertised it at $5200 canadian. That is around $3350 american. Normally they are over $7000 canadian. It is an older unit. The dealer has had it sitting around his yard for a year and a half. It has not cut grass yet. I found out that the blade speed is only 15000 fpm at 3350 rpm. Their head mechanic thought that increasing the engine rpm to 3600 would help. That is the speed that the engines run when they are used on generators.
I drove it around today and the ground speed is slow. Not the 6 mph they claim because I was only walking behind it. The increased rpm's should help out here too.
Really solid machine. The oscillating deck is different, should be ok though. The front end is super heavy. I could not lift it off the ground by leaning on the pistol grips. Don't like that.
Any opinions out there?

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