JD john deere 48" kawasaki kaw 19 hp 70 hrs warranty

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by fulano, Sep 1, 2006.

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    Hydrostatic zero turn stand on quik trac lawn mower for sale.

    I bought it with something like 26-28 hours. It now has 70.something. My kids played around with the key leaving it on for about 20-30 hrs. So the machine really only has around 50 hrs of use.

    I had the front tires solid filled. Helps to keep deck down on hills.

    I bent one of the front spindles. I had it repaired at a welding shop. A new one costs $100 from the dealer.

    I have changed the oil once along with oil and gas filter earlier this year. The dealer changed the oil and filter when I bought it from them last July or August and also supplied new battery. I have a new air filter for the engine.

    The engine runs great. The mower cuts great. It just is too difficult to use on hills.

    The JD warranty states the 2 year warranty is for original purchaser only that would be me. If you live local and were to purchase the mower and were to have a warranty problem in the warranty period I could probably help out.

    It has a few small scratches. No holes in rear tires at all.

    I bought the mower for my old house. I moved and the hills at new house are too steep to be able to control the mower properly. Plus, I now have a couple other exmark turf tracer 52" TT 36" TThp mowers.

    $3800 firm. Not really interested in trades unless you have weldon 14000 or a big stuff 3 set up for IPU part # bs3-004-002 with a wide band iac controller tps and a 2 bar map sensor.
    I can't ship this item either.

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