JD lesco- bad news all around.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawn king, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. lawn king

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    Word around the campfire is jd pulled the plug on all the co. trucks for service ctr. & general managers, this in addition to soaring fert prices is bad news for all of us!
  2. lot0210

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    I know of one golf course super that wont be happy about that. He has the lesco truck at the shop at least once a week
  3. MnLefty

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    The big truck to the golf courses is the "Store on Wheels" which will not be changing... He's talking about the pickups that the guys at the service center drive.
  4. lot0210

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    Oh.. sorry for the mix up on that. He still wont be happy the prices will be going up not many will be with the limited budgets of public courses and with budget being tied to bonuses being tied to how much is left of the budget at some privet courses like at the course I work at there could me a major swing away from lesco .
  5. rider

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    they are just being taken away from the personal use side of the equation. the service centers will all still have trucks, still make delivers, they just might have to charge you ten bucks to cover the gas. the manager of the Lesco/JD in my area is shopping for a vehicle, but he said that he has till october, I'm going to hook him up with my chevy dealer
  6. Hissing Cobra

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    Here we go again........Another thread about Lesco/JDL prices and changes that are being made. There's already about 5 or 6 threads devoted to this but I digress and will explain what's going on.

    Yes, the STORE BRANCH MANAGERS, REGIONAL MANAGERS, and sales reps are losing their trucks. They were initially going to lose them this month but John Deere relented and allowed them to keep them for one more year and come next January, they will no longer be allowed to be driven home or used for personal use. This extra year will allow the Managers the necessary time to purchase their own vehicles.

    Why are they losing them? Because with 340+ stores nationwide, plus untold amount of Regional Managers and Sales Reps, this equals more than 400 vehicles that Corporate Headquarters has to pay for and insure. Do you realize how much money will be saved? Yes, it was an excellent perk for those who were lucky enough to enjoy it. However, it is one of the reasons why LESCO wasn't making any money. Deliveries will still be able to be made by your local service centers.

    The Store On Wheels trucks and the sales reps that visit the golf courses haven't changed at all and will continue to do business as usual.

    Fert prices? Nothing new to report here. They've gone up from every vendor due to the astronomical price increases of Natural Gas, Urea, Phosphorus and Potassium. It's NOT just a LESCO/John Deere Landscapes thing.

    I didn't mean to be negative in the beginning of this post but everyday we see the same threads posted - just by different people.
  7. Whitey4

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    I feel badly for the Lesco reps. They try to paint a picture that it's tough all around, but the truck issue aside, I have found that JD/Lesco prices are not competitive with smaller local supply houses. I am a newbie in this biz, and only just certified, but even though Lesco is LESS than a mile away.... I'll be driving 25 minutes for my ferts and other materials. The smaller houses seem (around here) to be much more friendly, much more helpful and don't have an attitude. All of that in direct contrast to my Lesco rep. Could well be just this store, but that's what it is.

    There seems to be an attitude at MY local Lesco that even talking to me means they are doing me favors. Nothing in the store is price marked, and they don't know what the prices are until you bring it up ready to buy. How much is this gas can? I dunno... maybe 35 bucks? If this store is anything like the others... buy stock in any public company that competes with them, because they are goin down.
  8. bug-guy

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    i run a jdl/lesco store and i have small companies that i work with all the time. we will sit and disscuss their products ( and i will help where i can to show them alternatives if possible). i will then ask them to give me a few days to see what i can do price wise for them. i meet again and show them what i come up with ( all the while i tell them that this is what i will try to get for them if they pledge their business to me,and that i would have to go through the proper channels to program those prices). But i remind them that if they want to use me has their convience store only they will pay convience store prices.

    i have had people come by and ask and use my advise. i have checked lawns and talked to homeowners and HOA's for them. and then i see competitor product on their trucks...
    and i will admit it pisses me off and i cut them off the info pipeline, and charge them retail when they need it from me.

    ask yourselves this would you service a customer on a reg basis for 6.00 per thousand a treatment and then have his neighbor come out and want the 1 treatment he can't do himself at the same 6.00 per 1000 for a 1x only.
    It is a business and should be run like one. i have fought for some pricing changes and have gotten them by using the proper channels and having proof to support my complaint.but remember this is a national business and some times things take alittle longer to work out regionally.

    also remember you never can tell a posters true story here or in any forum. some people come in and expect to be treated like some who spends several ten's of thousands of $ and actually spend a few hundred, and there are some people here who have hidden agendas.

    as far as the truck deal goes it totally an internal issue and will not affect our customers at all and should never have even been talked about in public.

    sorry for the rant ... had to get that boulder off my chest

  9. PHS

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    That's a great point!! I think I'll run that by my employees today..."Hey guys, I've got a great idea, I'm going to cut everyone's pay by 10%. You may not understand but this is really going to be good for you...do you know how much money I'm going to save?"

    Sounds like a good "restructuring" plan i.e. Screw your experienced, knowledgeable employees who cost more until they leave and replace them with newer, less experienced employees who cost less.

    I'm glad I read this morning. You reminded me what a great decision I made to leave the corporate rear-ending and go out on my own again :).

    I like my local Lesco dealer. I don't buy much from him because I don't have the volume to get a reasonable price but he's a good guy and deserves to be treated better than that.
  10. PHS

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    You're probably right, if the good employees stay I wouldn't notice the difference but it's nice to know what kind of an operation I'm giving my hard earned dollars to.

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