JD Lx 172 With 14 hp Kawasaki not getting spark

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by 1993lx172, Jun 3, 2009.

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    Hi, I've got a 1993 Lx172 with a 14hp Kawasaki that's not getting spark, I replaced the ignition module two years ago. When I called the dealer today the guy I talked to said it was either the coil or the flywheel, but he was a new guy and didn't really know. Is there any thing else it could be, I replaced the spark plug just in case but it didn't do any good. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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    Isolate the engine from all the safety switches by disconnecting the kill lead at the coil. If you still have no spark then it's time to replace the coil again. If you have spark then your problem is likely in one of the safety switches, the ignition switch or a bare wire that is grounding out spark.

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    Also another problem that you may not get spark is corrosion and rust build up on the flywheel and coil. I have ran into that a few times with other peoples mowers.
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    Thanks for the replies you two. I got it running yesterday, it was the ignition module again.

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