JD LX176 Fuel Issues

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Hey y’all, to those of you who are experienced mechanics I’m sure this is a simple fix but after lots of research I am at a loss as to a good plan of action. I am assisting my uncle who recently purchased an old LX176. To get it running I poured a tiny bit of gas into the carburetor and then it would start sucking the gas in and you were good to go, until it sat for about 10 days. I thought, considering the mower had Been sitting a year it would work itself out. Recently it’s been needing gas dumped in even if it’s been sitting shorter than a few days. It also surges at low RPM and can possibly die out. My uncle also reported that it started after he let carb cleaner sit in it for half an hour, but the same day after mowing the front yard it wouldn’t stay running well. I know it has air and spark, the fuel pump also seems to be working but the lines are old and cracking (not leaking though). It appears to just be a poorly maintained 25+ year old carburetor, problem is getting an OEM carb from wiengartzs costs $310 plus tax and shipping which is what he has in the mower and two new rear tires so we are looking for other options. Can y’all think of some?

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get a can of carb cleaner with a straw and use it blast open all the passage ways after that use compressed air to clean passages. MMy guess is there will be crud in the fuel bowl muckin up the works. The holes in the jets will be to small to clean with a brush, use carb cleaner. You will remove the carb. remove float bowl. remove float assembley and pay attention how it comes apart and any small springs. rest is pretty straight forward. any adjustment screws write down how many turns to clockwise until it stops and set them to that upon assembly.

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