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    ...And that my friends is why we add simazine to the mix. It broadens the spectrum of weeds controlled, both post emergently and pre emergently. While its pre emergent qualities don't last long, they last long enough for the turf to get up and growing. If you are fighting tons of broadleaf weeds by mid growing season, then your fertilization program is lacking.

    Prodiamine lists a few broadleaf weeds on the label as being controlled but its list isn't nearly as long as say Pendimethalin.

    Greendoctor, I know you are prohibited from using simazine but many states on the mainland have it registered for use. I'll bet its legal in Texas and is safe to use in warm season turf of all varieties
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    Before it got removed from the market here(2008) and Gallery became available, I used it use it. Regularly. So would the golf courses here. When I was working for a company that installed zoysia and St Augustine via sprigs or plugs. Back then, a 2 lb application 7 days after install and another 1 lb 30-45 days later made for a weed free grow in. No broadleaves or grassy weeds. Grow ins not treated that way would become a weed party. You do not apply the orange herbicides to a grow in and Ronstar is :nono: in residential turf. I would also use it in combination with Image and/or MSMA for control of emerged weeds as well as prevention of further weed emergence. In those days, any yo-yo with a hand can of Trimec Plus could kill emerged weeds, but could he keep the lawn clean without incessant spot spraying. I would be SOL right now without the sulfonylurea herbicides. A number of them have the sustained residual activity to keep a lawn clean.
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    Mix Simazine in with the Stonewall. Stonewall's focus is grassy weeds while Simazine will get the broadleaf. This is our spring pre-em app.
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    One annoying property with stonewall is the yellow. Do other pre-m have the color? And hard to get every spec disolved. Air injection screens clog easily.
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    We use the prodiamine 65 WDG and it's yellow as well. You really have to keep it well agitated.
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    Pendulum EC has no yellow color at all and it smells like you're walking through a Rose Garden. I love that stuff...:laugh:
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    I need an alternative to Lesco stonewall. The yellow color and caking is just to hard to deal with. The product worked well in all my test. I would like to test another product for bermuda and st augustine. Any suggestions?

    BTW any zsprayer guys that use this product without clogging?
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    We use Helena with Barricade and it is the same ai as stonewall. We used stonewall a few times but helena is beating jd prices by atleast 2.50 a bag. Barricade is yellow as well and does stain some. We always wash the equipment after every days work so staining is minimal. Great results though. All i know is the yards we pre emerge with barricade have far fewer weeds in the spring than the ones we dont. Not sure but i wouldnt call it coincidental.
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    Guess I should have read my post before asking question.


    Haven't read the label yet ....but I will try this next.

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    Pendulum aquacap 3.3 is a cleaner product. Low odor, low stain and emulsifies better, longer. Cost more but not much. As greendoc says DNA root prunes. Mostly with over use. Regular rate spread apart right. Root pruneing issues will be unnoticed. Final post.
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