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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by rcreech, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. rcreech

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    I currently have a Kubota B3030 and love the machine.

    The only problem I have is it is sometimes on the small side for the equipment I run.

    I need a slightly larger tractor, but the next size (L3240) is too big.

    I am looking at maybe switching to a JD3320 which is a little more horse and also is physically a little larger and would be a great tractor for me!

    Do any of you have any experience with the JD 3320?

    Is teh JD 3520 with the Turbo worth the extra $1600?

    How does the loader on the Kubota compare to the JD?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. lawn king

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    Im in the exact same boat as you. Im selling my B3030 hsdc and jumping up to the grand L 3540 hsdc. I will gain 7 gross engine hp, 5 pto hp, 1000 lbs additional 3 point hitch lift & huge loader capabilitys all around. I hate to sell my 3030 as its an awesome machine, i just need more power!
  3. rcreech

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    Male, from OHIO
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    I would love to go to the L series...but it is too big!

    What is hsdc?

    I want to stay orange, but the green one is in between the B and L and will suite me better.
  4. lawn king

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    HSDC means hydro with factory cab. Check the weight of the 3320. i bet its very close to the L 3240, granted the jd may be more nimble? Look at the B3030 & the L3240 side by side, then compare the 3320, i don't think you will find as much difference as you think. I started out with a B7500, grew into a B3030 and now just 3 years later need an L, you hear it over & over, you can never have too much tractor!
  5. TomberLawn

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    I would stay away from a Deere 3320. We traded ours in this week for a new 2005 Case DX35 (pictured below on the dealer lot). That was a major move for us, since we have had a lot of John Deere stuff around here, but it is slowly being replaced by other brands. My grandfather has a 3320 with a cab and has had problems almost from day one. Last week he had to have the dealer pick it up because it wouldn't even start. For months now, it has chattered and smoked really bad when it is cranked up, more so than a normal diesel. John Deere used to build good stuff, but everything we've compared them to lately, Deere comes up short, and costs more. We traded our Gator HPX with a Yanmar diesel earlier this month for a Husqvarna HUV with a Kubota diesel. The dealer told us he has since sold 2 more Husqvarnas to people who came in to look at the Gator, but after comparing the two, went with the HUV.
    The Case DX35 is a class III tractor, whereas the 3320 is a class II. The 2008 Case 35 is now a class II, but I think it is still superior to the Deere.
    If you can afford the 3240 and have room for it, it would be better than getting a Deere. From my experience, you'll never be dissatisfied with a larger tractor than you think you need. Shop around for other brands too, like Case and New Holland. Whatever you do, get a good dealer. That can make a bad tractor seem not so bad.

    Our Case.jpg
  6. emerichsales

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    Take a ride on the Grand L-40 Series Kubota. The Kubota L3240 is a bigger tractor but it so manuverable. It may only be a couple of horse power more but it will do way way more. Loader lift capacity is double the lbs. Try it before you say its too big.
    Its only 15 inches longer than the B3030 Tractor.
    Kevin Emerich
  7. Ducati996

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    The Deere 3320 & 3520 are solid machines with an excellent feedback and reputation. You would be hard pressed to find a more capable tractor from the competition - based on the specs alone. Deere is doing a fine job with these models. They are very popular and very well recieved. And signifcantly more machine than the B3030 and not that much more $$
  8. emerichsales

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    There is also the L3400 Kubota Compact Tractor. It's inbetween the B3030 and the L3240 in Size. There is a reason why Kubota is the Number 1 Selling Tractor on the market under 50 horse power. Great Tractors.
    As you said you love your Kubota Tractor!
  9. lawn king

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    I did a quick comparison of the 3030 & the 3320. You will gain some 3 point lift, but very little engine & pto hp. Not enough upgrade in that deal to make it worth the trouble!
  10. rcreech

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    Male, from OHIO
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    I am really torn right now....

    I want to keep the orange tractor, but the L just looks physically too big as when I set my 3030 beside it.

    I just found out since I deal with Lesco I can get a very good discount now that they are tied to JD Landscapes. It end up making the green tractor look even better.

    The JD3320 seems to be just the right size physically and I like the loader better. It would cost me about a grand more to go green comparing the same tractors with all the same options.

    Sorry to keep this dragging on, just not comfortable making this decision.

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