JD X300 Quits During Mowing

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jsp282, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. jsp282

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    Hey all. I'm having a problem with a brand new JD X300, 17 HP Kaw, electric PTO, with 12 hours on it. While mowing, it just quits running-dies. Try to re-start and motor turns but will not fire. Tried starter fluid, but still would not lite. Indicates electrical problem. Left sit for awhile, came back to it and it started. Ran for about 30 minutes and died again with the same symptoms. Left sit awhile and it started again, but this time when I engaged the PTO, it died. Have had it back to dealer twice and they claim it operates fine and does not die. The meter shows where they've put about 30 minutes on it each time and they claim it runs fine. Prior to taking it to the dealer this last time, I had trouble starting it. By popping the PTO lever up and down, it would start and run even engaging the PTO. I have the machine back again and it seems to run ok, but just as sure as the sun is going to come up tomorrow, I know it's going to quit again. Any thoughts??????????????????????? Thank you for your help, Jim.
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    Man I would really recommend getting an inline spark plug tester, that silly device has saved me more than a few headaches, start by eliminating one of the sources at a time, I think it's electrical as well.
  3. PLM-1

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    Sounds like a coil.
  4. leeker

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    i am not sure if this unit has it or not, but most of them do (JD'S more expensive models) a time delay module. this is designed for a delay when you come off of the seat it allows the engine to run for a few seconds before it shuts the coils down. this can go bad new or not new and cause the unit to loose spark.

    it sounds like to me you are loosing spark. great way to check it is to buy a spark tester as topsites suggested. buy one that lights in orange, it makes it alot easier to see then the plain ones. if this has an electric fuel pump is could be a possiablity.
  5. jsp282

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    Thanks everyone for your help. As I stated in my original thread, bigger than life when I started the machine after getting it home from the shop, it ran for about 40 minutes and quit again. Wouldn't start at all; even the next morning. Well, I figured it's going back again, but I wanted a shot at it (warranty or not). Checked everything I could electrically and couldn't find any obvious problems. Took the flywheel cover off to get to the coils. All appeared ok there. I continued to look. I looked down at the carb. which has a solenoid on the bottom with a wire running to it. Along with that wire, there was a black wire connected to the solenoid on one end and the other end appeared to go to a frame ground. The screw holding the wire to the frame ground was hanging by the last thread on the screw. I thightened that screw and the machine fired and is running great. I ran it around for about an hour and it's working perfect. Looks like I found my problem. Thanks again everyone for your help. Jim.

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