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JD X485 With Major Fuel Leak


LawnSite Member
Hudson, WI
I have a 2003 JD X485, 25HP Kawasaki fuel injected engine. Was running it yesterday and fuel started pouring out of the throttle body. I took the air filter and air duct off and when I turn on the key (engine not running), fuel literally sprays out of the throttle body. I have attached a picture with a pen pointing to the exact location of the leak, it's right at the seam where 2 pieces bolt together. Is there an O-ring in there? Also, there's 3 hoses hooked up to the throttle body, they all look like fuel hoses but only 1 on them runs thru a fuel filter. Is this correct?

JD Pic.jpg


LawnSite Senior Member
I would start at the fuel pressure regulator appears to be the Denso piece in the middle of the picture.Had a 90 BMW pouring fuel out of the tb.Engine vacuum pulled fuel from the regulator dumping it in the intake manifold.Disconnect vacuum line and plug engine vacuum port to test.


LawnSite Member
McHenry, IL
I had the same exact issue. Had to take off the air cleaner and radiator fan assembly to get to the carburetor. Loosened up the carb to pull it off the injectors tip, which exposes an o-ring. Mine, both sides, were brittle and breaking apart. Replaced both and reassembled. Issue resolved.