JD z520a same problems as the z800 series?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by runnin14, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Found what I think to be a pretty good deal on a z520a with low hours - and it seems pretty clean. from what i can tell is that it is a "not as stout" 800 series--- a lot is different between the two (engines, tires, to start with...) yet apparently a lot is the same though - deck, hydro pumps....
    so with all the well publicized problems that everyone have had with the 800 series, ive never heard anything really bad about the 500 series...?
    any thoughts? or is it just b/c they maybe didnt sell many?
  2. mowerbrad

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    The 800 series was actually an okay series once the updates were put on the machines, the controls were just quite "jerky". The 500 series was marketed for the large property owners or the part time lawn care guys, it fit into a price point that was less than the 800's and made it more affordable.

    Your biggest differences are going to be the engine and deck. The 500's used kohler command engines and 7ironII decks. They still have the integrated hydro set-up, however, I believe the 500 series only has 10cc hydros and not the 13cc found on the 800's or 900's. You are obviously going to get the "not so nice" seat and smaller rear tires and without the no flats on the front casters.

    The 500 series wasn't quite as popular as the full commercial machines (800 series), so you probably won't be able to find too much information about them.
  3. runnin14

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    thanks for the reply----

    went ahead and got it -- think a decent deal - less than $3k....
    you're right about the tires -but I can live with them---
    in general ---how does it affect any ztr if it had different size tires put on it (which would probably include different rims)
    probably wouldnt do any switcherroo anytime soon - just wondering if its possible in case i find some "used"

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