JD Z930 Deck Belt

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by tasser, May 8, 2013.

  1. tasser

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    Have a Z930 JD 2yrs old the deck belt break about every 80 to 100 hours. been back to dealer they cant find anything wrong. when belt breaks it not shreded up just snap into. anyone else have same promble or dose anyone no of a better belt to try other than JD
  2. weeze

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    i have a 2011 john deere z920a with 325hrs and i'm still on the original belt. something must be wrong on yours.
  3. rreyn1812

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    Had this same problem on my Ztrak 830 for the first two belts, but mine broke every 70 hrs. I was told there was a re-design on the belt and I put a 3rd belt on at around 200 hrs and I'm still working that belt at over 600 hrs. Still carrying a spare belt in my truck though. This is the first post since mine a few years ago talking about a belt problem on a JD. I would suspect some mechanical issue. Doubt you can find an alternative belt. Luck!
  4. ramcat

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    We had a problem with the first few belts too. Usually happened when we were running the deck and lifting/lowering it at the same time. It happened two or three times and they must have changed the belts because we have 1000 hours on the current belt. There probably isn't anything wrong with your machine.
  5. I remember when I first started shopping for a commercial ZTR and when I saw the price of a belt for a John Deere on Ebay I thought right then I can't afford to own a John Deere due to the price of their belts. I've since discovered Dayco Industrial belts and they are a good OEM replacement for me and they are under $25.

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