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    This may sound stupid but what is the reason for different tips with the range of 1 gal/min all the way to 10-19 gal/min? I am using it to spray insecticide on lawns, shrubs, and tree's. I understand about some of the lawn guns, sorta, but can't you control gpm by adjusting the pressure and engine throttle?
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    Sure, but low pressure and low gallons require smaller holes. If not, and you stay with large nozzle openings, the fluid just dribbles out. The reach is about 24 inches.
    Sometimes a bit of experimentation is required, because pressure, gals per min, nozzle orifice and number of holes all have an influence. You personal preference is important.

    I had a white nozzle with bigger openings to increase droplet size and thereby reduce drift for windy days. Large droplets are only slightly affected by wind.
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    Its not healthy for the engine to strain & lag. Most sprayer motors are designed to run high throttle, especially under load. Similar to taking off in your car from a stop in 5th gear if that makes scence.
    The corvette can do it but 0-60 is greatly effected & it's not good practice. Once your @ 70mph 5th gear won't lag under acceleration.

    I've always had the understanding that the top gallon number signifies max gallon per minute. You can go some under the number but over & under the limits have thresholds.
    Too much effects the droplets causing a high potiential for drift or off target spray. Too little favors similar issues minus drift.

    I hope this makes scence. It does in my head.
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    What about the jd9 gun specifically. What tips are you using, what are you spraying (lawns, bushes, trees), and what are you controlling?
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    The different orifice sizes are to match the available GPM at a given PSI. Otherwise you get a dribble or else thick stream that does not cover area efficiently. Most spray guns that go from a cone to a stream have the facility of using the orifice that matches pump capacity.

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