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    I'm looking for a JD9 gun or something that, I've heard their out there, I can switch back and forth from tree and shrub spraying to deep root feeding. Any suggestions?
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    I use the JD 9 gun and like the adjustable nozzle. It works just like a garden hose spray nozzle. Turn the end to go from fine mist to a single long stream that reachs 50 Ft in the air.

    I use a fast snapp female connector from a pressure washer on my hose and a male on the gun, wand and deep root injector. I just drop water into mix tank add my chem and fast snapp which ever spray attachment I need to do the job.

    JD 9 gun is good but remember you must spray the under side of the leaves on shrubs. So I use a wand because I can set it on the ground and spray up and under the leaves.
  4. If you would have ever emailed me back I would have given you one of the four I have in the garage I don't use.

    Lesco carries them. Fenton store is close to you.

    They also have other spraying tool.
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    LGF, never received an email from you:confused: Try to email me again. I also have a question for you about exmarks.
    Ric, What is this wand you're referring to? You set it on the ground? The couplers sound like a great idea.

    Isn't there some kind of attachment that can fit onto a JD9 to use for deep root feeding?
    Also, anyone use a lesco 200G poly tank to do sprays and root feeding? Pros/Cons?
  6. Greg try Emailing me Lawngodfather@aol.com. Sorry for the snobby coment.

    I have and know where to get all you need for this.
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    You will be limited to the specfic products that you can use in the poly tanks. Compared to the paddle agitation units you must look at what the tank will be able to put in to suspension. There are some products out there like 20-20-20 and 16-32-16 that will work just fine in the poly tank units.:D
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    Pacific Nursery My unit came with a very good deep injector. You may find it is cheaper and faster to buy a good deep root injector and be done with it. Attach a female quick snap to it and do it. You need several female and only one male quick connect. That is the way I like to do it. These quick connects can be purchased at any store that sells pressure washers. I get my from Sherwin and Williams paint store. To my knowledge there is no attachment to deep root with a Little JD9 gun

    My long wand is a ball valve with along pipe that turns near the end approx 45%. It can be 36" to 42" long depending on application method and has a place to install a tip, which must be removed to clean or put new tips. Tips wear out and change you GPM or pattern so they must be replaced now and again. By placing the wand near the ground you can spray up under the leaves of low growing bushes and get good control. Remember that most insects live on the under side of leaves. You can put your wand deep into the bush and squirt to your hearts content, this will insure a healthy and content bush. But Be careful of when and what you squirt the bush with, you may cause a problem you don't want.

    As far as poly tanks vs mechanical paddles. I use poly tanks and run my pump for a long time before I squirt and fert. I am able to mixes and keep my product in suspense for a long time before I squirt and fert. My bushes all are happy so it works for me.
  9. Pacific Nursery

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    My BWI rep said that he thought there was some sort of attachment for the JD9 that would do deed root. I'll ask him again and post if I find it.
    I've got a 200G poly that has seen little use since I got a ride on spreader sprayer(which I love). I want to convert it to tree and shrub. I've cleaned it out twice with neutralizer and flushed several times to get rid of the herbicides.
    I checked out the Rittenhouse site, thanks.
    Ric, where do you get your wands? are they interchangable? or do you need a diff gun for each?
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    westheffer does have an adapter for jd9 for tree ferts. its called a fert lance. it works well, used them in past.screws on end of gun.not sure what cost is.

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