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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Mark Sellers, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. Mark Sellers

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    I have a JD CT332 track loader and was told by JD that if I purchased the Hi-Flow option I could run heavy attachments, I specifically asked if I could run tree mulchers with this option and was told yes. I went to work for a man that had a mulcher attachment and my machine overheated and shut down and had to be put in the shop because of all the problems the overheating caused. John Deere states now to me that it will only run this type of attachment if the mulcher is reconfigured to change the oil flow to fit the machine. They state that each and every mulcher head that I try to use needs to be checked to assure that it is configured correctly to accommodate the oil flow and operate properly. Has anyone else ran into this problem? Are mulcher heads made to where they can be reconfigured to fit the oil flow of the machine? They also now tell me I need an optional cooling system to also accomodate these heavier attachments, which was not told to me when I purchased it.
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    People speak highly of the Deere machine around here. Don't really know anyone running a mulching head thoughon a Deere. Didn't the hydraulic temp light come on or the buzzer go off? Dont see how it could have run long enough for it to cause a problem. It should be fine after it shuts down. I know on the heavy equipment thread there is at least one guy there that has a bobcat and is not happy with the hydraulic system on it for mulching. I think these mulching systems are tough on a machine from what i have heard from people. There may be some truth in matching the head to your machine.
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    you need to find the guy on this site with the name JDskidsteer. he would answer that question. i have a ct332 and talked to alot of dealers about this and they all agreed that they dont have the cooling capacity to run a cutter head, however i talked to a few dealers that said they could do something with the cooling system to make it more efficient. i would just buy a aftermarket cooler and install it on the roof they run about 5.5k to 6.5k. how long have you had the machine? how many hours? how do you like it? do you do a lot of mulching?
  4. Mark Sellers

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    Iv had the machine since 12/05 and have about 1200 hrs on it, I live in heavy cedar country and mulching is whats needed due to Burn Bans. The high flow switch would burn out after the overheat light went on. I bought this machine for the high flow option and the sales rep. and John Deere literature stated it could run a mulcher. The service dept. never told me that this machine had a cooling capacity problem, untill I replaced 3 to 4 high flow switches and started having more problems with the machine due to the overheat, finally after the 3rd switch I started throwing a fit about the overheating and did some research with mulch head manufactures and found out that this machine was not compatible with their heads, due to this cooling problem and low hydraulic fluid capacity. I confronted the dealer with this and they finally told me they could put an optional cooling system on it to see if it would help. I was mislead when buying this machine, my main purpose was to mulch, and the man I went to work for had the head and hired me to mulch for him. I have lost this job due to this. Now Johne Deere is telling me that mulching heads have to be configured to the machine for them to work. They failed to tell us this when we bought the machine, but I feel certain they just figured this out themselves due to our lawsuit. The machine is great other than this high flow design problem , but if you are going to use a high flow attachment it will over heat and will shut down.
  5. Mark Sellers

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    I bought this machine with the main purpose to Mulch, and was told by JD and the dealership that it would run mulcher with the High Flow option. I live in heavy cedar country and mulching is what is needed due to Burn Ban problems. The Hi flow switch would burn out after the overheat lite would go off. This happened 3 to 4 times and I would replace the switch before my machine would run again, the dealer could not tell me why this was happening or wouldn't. Finally after the 4th time it had caused other problems in the machine due to the overheating. I began making calls to mulcher head manufactures and they told me that their heads were not compatible with the JD 332 due to the cooling system problem and the low hydraulic fluid capacity, I confronted the JD dealer and they finally told me the cooling system needed an optional cooling system installed, and that the mulcher head needed to be configured to my machine for it to work. They did not tell me any of this when I purchased the machine in dec. 2005. I have lost this job due to my inability to mulch. The man I worked for had the mulching head I did not own the head. I have not found but one head that just came out Bradco Magnum that states on their new heads they can be configured to match the machine.

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    Magnum is the only head I sell at this time. It also has an oil cooler on the head to help keep the unit cool. I recomend cleaning the machine coolers and head cooler once at lunch and once at quiting time. I have a used head in stock set up for that machine I use as a demo.
  7. Treemow

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    At 34 gallons per minute and a hydra tank capacity of 8.75 you are cycling the same oil 4 times per minute.
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    Hi, I also use a ct 332 for mulching, I have had the same trouble with over heating. I was using a air compressor to clean out the radiator and oil cooler, however I have found that a gas powered leaf blower works much better. The leaf blower doesnt have as much air pressure of course but it does have alot more volume, it has made a huge difference in my productivity. Maybe the best $240 I have ever spent. One more thing, I use a Ryan's mulching head, that was factory set to my specific machine. The hydraulic drive motor is adjustable to accomodate different amounts of flow and pressuer. With this set up I can now out perform my ASV Rc-100 with a fecon head.:usflag:

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