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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by nherweck, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. nherweck

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    What do you guys think about a Jeep Wrangler? I'm thinking about possibly selling my 1997 Dodge Dakota Sport 2wd and purchasing a bit "older" of a Jeep that'll be better in the winter. I have 4 others living in my house, not to mention going out with friends, and it is just a flat-out hassle having to figure out driving with the 3-seater truck. I know the Jeep wouldn't be able to hold much more (is it 1 or 2?), but it'll still hold more than my truck. Also, I'd plan on getting a 4wd Jeep; my 2wd Dakota does NOTHING in the winter for me. Someday, hoping to purchase a small plow, but that won't work on the Dakota either, I think the Jeep would be a better direction.

    What do you think?

    Also, what type of Jeep should I get? (I keep hearing YJ, CJ, Wrangler, and I'm just CONFUSD:confused: , hah). Where should I look for one? Should I sell my truck out-right and purchase a Jeep Wrangler the same week before routes again? Or should I trade in my truck for an even older Jeep so I can make an even trade?

    ANOTHER QUESTION: Will a Jeep tow a 6.5x12 trailer with 2 mowers+accessories on it? And at times, just a few scoops of mulch? Thanks again;

  2. notoriousDUG

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    Ok, well let me qualify this by saying I am somethign of a Jeep nut...

    First off it is not going to help you for going out, the Jeep is a '4' seater in name only IMO. The back seat is tiny and really only fits two if they know each other quite well. They also tow for junk due to the light wieght and short wheel base, I would not tow more then a couple of jets skis or two snow mobiles behind one. They also do not handle a plow well. They are a light wieght vehicle and their front end is not made to carry the wieght of a plow, especially the latter YJ and TJ models. Plus they kind of suck for plowing, their light wieght doe snot allow them to move much snow. I woudl definetly say you are limited to a 6' blade at themost. Depending on the tyoe of plow work you want to do you it may be worthless but they can work OK for driveway clearouts. The Jeep will be better in snow just by virtue of the 4 wheel drive, but 4x4 is not a magic bullet.

    Here is the YJm TJ, Wrangler decoder ring:

    Early Jeeps, the old 'classic' kind like Daisy Duke drove, are called CJs. This is the Jeep we all think of with 2 round headlights and turnsignals in the grill.

    After the CJ in the mid 80s Jeep introduced the YJ, it was a little wider, longer and lower for stability. You can tell the YJ by it's square head lights andparking lights. They started in about 87 and went to I belive 95. 92 and newer will have fuel injection.

    In '96 Jeep redesigned the Basic 'jeep' and gave us the TJ. The TJ has better riding coil spring suspension and much more civil car like interior. the TJ is easy to spot with it;s round headlights and square turn signals in the fenders. It also has a car liek dash and interior vs. the more spartan interior of earlier Jeeps.
  3. nherweck

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    notoriousDUG - Thanks for your quick response!

    Any other thoughts anyone??
  4. MLawns

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    I'm not sure what kind of weight you'll be towing but I knew a guy that was a heavy equipment operator and did a lot of out of state work. His brother worked with him and they were travelling back to NY from Ohio one weekend pulling a small camper they stayed in while they were gone. Long story short......they got going too fast and got into a windy situation and went over an embankment at the approach to a bridge and went over. It was about 3 years after this happened that he told me about the experience and it still scared him enough that it brought tears to his eyes as he spoke of it. This was a guy that didn't scare easily. Get a vehicle with a longer wheel base that'll handle your towing and weight requirements. Buy a Jeep for fun.
  5. mikes landscaping

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    i was thinkin the same thing , about a jeep. i want to buy 1 so that i can drive it for fun but also do a little plowing and landscaping. i cant drive for another year so i plan on buying a older one which i could put in my yard and work on it and restore it. i plan on getting a late 80's model because there cheaper. jus my situation and idea :)
  6. corey1977

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    i have a geo tracker get some thing bigger trust me
  7. lwcmattlifter

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    I wouldn't tow anything with a Wrangler. It's rated at 2000 lbs max because it has a very short wheelbase. You'll be a full capacity with your trailer and 1 mower.
  8. mak2

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    The thing with the jeep is not the pulling something, it is the stopping. I love jeeps and have a 2000 in the driveway right now, but dont make a habit of towing with it. I had a small boat behind mine with a trailer before I got into this business. I pulled that thing everywhere until one day I came off the lake due to rain. The first Stop sign I came to I slid right through. That short wheel base, a slick asphalt road and a little rain it was like ice. Even an S 10 or Ranger would be better I think. Jeeps are for fun.

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