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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by anythinglawns, May 7, 2002.

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    Around June of every year the full time maintenance man at a local insurance company take 2-3 weeks off for his annual training in the National Guard. During that time I am contracted to come in and maintain the lawn in his absence. Now, the insurance company itself has about 5 acres, as well as a house they own in a local resort community 1/4 acre. The house is used to entertain shareholders. Anyway, last week I stopped by the insurance company to secure the deal for this season as well as to find out if there were any changes. I talked with the people writing the checks and everything is squared away. I am walking back out to my truck and the full time maintenance man stops me and asks if I will be mowing in his absence again this year. I told him that I would be and he had nothing to worry about, I would take care of it. That is when he laid into me. He told me that way I cut the grass last year looked terrible and that no one at the company liked the stripes. He said that I ruined his pattern, and nearly killed the grass by mowing back and forth and not by mowing like him. His pattern consist of driving all over the lawn with his rider and until all the grass is cut. He then went on to tell me that the share holders drive by and don't want to see those "lines" they want to see green. Now here is where I don't know what to do. As I said I had just come from the office where the presidentÂ’s secretary told me that the president really liked the way I cut the grass last year. Also last year several of the high ranking employees told me that the yard looked better than it ever had and that they wished the maintenance man would cut the way I did. Anyway I get rave reviews from everyone but him. I feel I should mow the way the people writing the checks want me to mow, and if they like the stripes, then I will give them stripes. I think this guy is afraid I am after his job and that by making the lawn look nice I am jeopardizing his position. After talking with him I called back and talked to the pres. secretary again, she reiterated the fact that everyone likes the way I do it. I just do not know how to approach this. I know the guy was lying to me, and would not be surprised if he sabotages my reputation with the company in fear of losing his job. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
    Thank you.
  2. Sammy

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    Dont worry about it. :)
  3. SLS

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    Tell the jerk what you told us:

    "Hey, the President of the company LOVES the striped pattern...and that's good enough for me. So get over it."

    ...something short and sweet. :D
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    tell him you will also be handling his other tasks as well while he is on retreat. that should make him think for his entire time off!
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    Just ignore him. He's not anyone of Importance. meaning he has no say over what the Company wants, he's just another Employee. Now If the Company asked you to meet with him for directions on what needs to be done while he is gone, then that would make him sort of a Supervisor to your work, and he could go back and say you ddin't listen to him. But overall Your work is going to do all the talking.

    Tell the truth, Your after his Job :) he's no dummy. But the most he has to worry about is getting his Hours cut. They would still need him for other Maintenance Work.

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    If he doesn't sign the cheques then his opinion is worthless.
    We have a saying here. You only talk to the horses head not the
    horses arse.
    You are a businessman,do not take **** from other peoples employees.
  7. Big G

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    Thats a good saying! I laughed. :D

    But then I thought, doesn't it look weird to other people when they see you talking to horses, but I guess as long as the horse has money, who cares!

    Big G
  8. awm

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    if u really wanted to put him on the spot go back and ask the president if he would rather not have the professional stripe,
    as his maintenance man seems a bit perturbed..
  9. Toroguy

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    I agree, mess with him! Ask him where the ladders and paint brushes are. And how to get a boilers license.

    And don't mention the word "stripe" to him. Leave him in the stoneage dragging his knuckles across the cave floor. He started the disinformation, show him how the game is really played.

    Keep us posted
  10. Russo

    Russo LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 287 could tell him that you like his mowing pattern better but just don't know how to do it, and that's why you will now be addressing him admirably as *Zamboni*.

    What's up there, Zamboni?

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