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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by DLAWNS, Nov 8, 2008.

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    SOB. I get my license on the third. other than that id be all over that. i want to go check it out hopefully ill get a ride.
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    is it worth being a njlca member ?
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    It sure cant hurt!

    I think Gail Woolcott is a member under the NJLCA on lawnsite, hopefully she chimes in with some more info but I've been a member for some time now. The meetings as well as the tradeshow and speakers there have been very informative. Not only networking with other contractors but listening to and taking notes on what the speakers have to say has been super informative and a pretty good tool for my business. There are numerous member benefits as well and although I havent taken advantage of too many of them, they are pretty good. Check out their site I guess and see. Works for me and membership is very inexpensive
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    ive been going to the techo showcase for the past 3 yrs but its always the same old seminar...i did recieve there postcard/flyer last month but didnt get a chance to read it..i love the discusions and dealing with the reps but man it get BORING listening to Paver Pete ramble over and over like a college he does a great job dnt get me wrong but it needs something different
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    Agreed! I dont mind some of the videos they present, some basic business talk and all that but after about a half hour or so of that and it all sounds the same! Cant beat the giveaways of course and its something good to do during the off season
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    anyone looking to sell a great dane surfer??????
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    How's everyone's winter so far? I'm itching to get back to work but at the same time I am really enjoying the time off and spending a lot of time with my wife, my five month old daughter, and going to the gym!
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    I can't wait for spring!! And it appears we're heading for another storm!! Good that you can enjoy the time with your child. Ours are all grown. (Thank goodness!!)

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