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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by DLAWNS, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. blk90s13

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    Can some one lead me to where I can print out product safety info and forms to leave pest customers ? I am so lost I cant find it any where ! I looked on the DEP site with no luck so far

    yes I am pest license and this would be my first job all I am missing is the product sheet you leave with the customers prior to spraying.

    thanks fellow jersey scapers
  2. shade tree landscaping

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    BLK are you referring to the MSDS sheet with the codes and such, or a label for a specific product? shoot me a PM or email via my website and I can email you a copy
  3. blk90s13

    blk90s13 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I sent you a pm, thanks so much for your help
  4. TimNNJ

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    anyone in Toms River doing aerating..dethatching and seeding..guy left me a msg looking to have it done..let me know
  5. blk90s13

    blk90s13 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I sent you a pm about this
  6. SimonCX

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    Anyone else sick of this rain, seems like every other day it's raining and the next 5 days don't look any better.
  7. Ramairfreak98ss

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    I just gave over 50% of our lawn accounts to another company, a friend of mine that mainly does lawn mowing. Im sick of the constant calls in the last two months alone about..

    1. lumps in grass
    2. Your not bagging my grass.. hello Ahole, we've never bagged your grass!
    3. You left marks on my sidewalks..
    4. You left marks on my driveway, pavers etc...
    5. Tearing up the lawn... obvious gripe.. its so wet, all the zero turns are tearing at least a little.
    6. you left ruts in my lawn... "real ruts". well sometimes the lawns are so wet, you feel obvious indents where the wheels drove, even our walkbehinds.
    7. You left grass all over my white vinyl fence... even after the crew shoots away from the fences "or other areas" 2 -3 passes, one heavy chunk of grass can shoot 20+ feet and hits the fence.. sorry cant help that.
    8. Why arnt you mulching the grass anymore? sure let me make matters worse
    9. Why hasnt my grass been cut yet? "bi weekly accounts", maam... you get cut this thursday, 2 more days, you have to wait, your lawn gets cut every othere thursday as normal, we'd be glad to switch you to weekly if you'd like... is that more", yes it is, you pay each week... oh ok, no thanks.
    10. You said my grass would be cut tomorrow... no i said thursday and today is wednesday, do you want it cut weekly? .... no lol
    11. My grass was cut last friday "its wednesday" and it looks horrible, maybe your guys arnt cutting it short enough, can it be cut today... i have a party tomorrow... sorry we dont cut your town on wednesdays
    12. "late payers", with all this rain its hard to tell if your guys were here or not in the last month!---- luckily its over the phone, or id kill someone :(
    13. Why arnt you weeding the mulch beds? we dont weed the mulch beds sir, we never have and its not part of your lawn mowing contract.. its an extra fee. This same guy nearly cancelled b/c then he said our services wernt a good deal "for lawn mowing" and we should include it!
    14. BAGGED LAWNS, few in between here... one guy says he wants it cut at 3" every week... hah, this lawn is cut at 4.5" and grows like a mofo, we take a yard of grass clippings out of there every week. i told him one time bagging price of $160.00...he wants it done for his standard $45.00 per week lol.

    ok thats enough. Tired of the BS, its difficult to even keep a positive company image with so many complainers over every little detail of these BS lawn accounts. I kept our tight routed ones and larger ones all close together "almost all that dont complain too" and get rid of the rest. We're still getting calls for lawn service in almost october.. their first words are "the kid that cut my grass went back to school" OR "the other company didnt bag the grass good enough" OR "the other company was too expensive" ---at $40.00 for 3/4ths of an acre.

    GO AWAY dont call us for lawn mowing.
  8. blk90s13

    blk90s13 LawnSite Bronze Member
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  9. blk90s13

    blk90s13 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Do you guys know of a firewood wholesaler in ocean or monmouth counties ?
  10. bigviclbi

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    from nj
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    SAw someone on craigslist selling cords in Allentown NJ for $60 seemed like maybe a tree service? Never really heard of a local wholesaler unless you are buying rounds and split them yourself.

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