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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by DLAWNS, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. rcpeoples

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    So true ! I got a ticket one block from my house for not having a fire extinguisher in my pickup. He actually gave me a break cause I didn't have triangles or my town name on my truck even though it's lettered.
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  2. shovelracer

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    Commercial truck or tractor (Code 11)
    Includes every type of motorized vehicle used for commercial purposes, such as transportation of goods, wares and merchandise (39:3-20).


    Display the word "commercial"
    Numerals are prefixed by the letter "X" or any other prefix designated by the Chief Administrator

    Required lettering:
    Clearly visible sign or nameplate (as prescribed by law 39:4-46) that must contain:

    Name of owner, renter or renting party
    Municipality of residence
    The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) or the combined gross vehicle weight rating if vehicle is 26,001 pounds or more and the vehicle is registered or principally garaged in New Jersey
    Lettering height must be at least three inches


    You may be exempt from displaying the name of the municipality if the vehicle displays a USDOT registration number.
    The owner, lessee or lessor of 50 or more vehicles must use those vehicles by franchised public utilities (including gas, power and telephone companies)
    You can acquire a Federal DOT registration number online or by calling the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at (703) 280-4001
  3. rcpeoples

    rcpeoples LawnSite Member
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    I drove and owned trucks for years but having fire extinguisher and triangles in my pickup never crossed my mind. I bet you could check 100 pickups and vans with commercial plates and 95 wouldn't have either one !
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  4. blk90s13

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    where is a place near Mantoloking rd in Brick to dump fill ?
  5. Nj shade

    Nj shade LawnSite Senior Member
    from Nj
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    Anyone know of any rental places that are renting the new exmark/toro stand on aerators? Or any other stand on aerators?
    Located in Monmouth county.

    Thanks in advance
  6. tbambersvc

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    Where are you from in Bayville? I have a house there on Bayview Ave by Martell's.
  7. PineyPower

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    I live about 5 minutes from there. I live over in Holly Park by The Cove
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    JLSLLC LawnSite Fanatic
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    If you have a truck registered in this state and its GVW is over 10K and its not a diesel, does it need inspection, or self inspect?? Commercial Tagged already..

    Example: F350 Stake Body Dually Gas
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  9. bigviclbi

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    selling a green truck cap off a 2001 ford f250 8' bed for $150.00 really nice shape. pm me for pics if interested I
  10. Nj shade

    Nj shade LawnSite Senior Member
    from Nj
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    Yes you do need to inspect non diesel over 10k gvw. Inspection is a lot easier these days then it used to be, as long as no line in and out in 5min

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