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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by DLAWNS, Nov 8, 2008.

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    Not being an LLC you are that $775 is not all that bad considering the equipment you are going to be using. Are you looking to cut lawns or treat lawns or both? Huge difference in insurance with some companies. Also treatments if fertilizer get proper licensing
    I would say the $775 is about right for a non - LLC and someone under 18
  2. spitfire3416

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    where were you quoted $715??
  3. Alex G

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    Called progressive and they directed me to a firm forgot the name of it though
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  5. tbambersvc

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    What if you are an LLC and over 18? I'm looking for insurance myself.
  6. oqueoque

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    If you need liability insurance, talk to a few insurance agents in your area. They can advise you, on what you will need depending on the type of work you do. Your coverage needs will vary if you do just lawn cutting,or landscaping, tree work, irrigation, or pesticide applications,or other variables, and if you need insurance to satisfy New jersey license requirements for certain operations including the New Jersey home improvement contractor license. Some insurance company websites have agent locators where you enter your zip code. Two insurance companies,that I believe offer this are Preferred Mutual insurance and Farm Family insurance. My yearly cost are around $ 700.00, everybody's situation will be different. I am not advising you on what your needs or cost will be, your attorney and agent can do that.
  7. Nj shade

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    Anyone looking to sell a permagreen/zspray that's not completely beat to death?
  8. RossiLawns

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    Glad I found this Jersey guy thread. What are you guys charging per sq ft installed for Tall Fescue Sod. Including prep work involving removing old turf, filling in holes from dog, adding 1 yard screened topsoil, starter fertilizer and of course laying the sod. This current job is 2300 sq ft.
  9. Nj shade

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    Messages: 288 won't find many guys in general talking pricing on this site, especially in a "local" thread like this for a number of resasons. With three trucks on the road as you have listed at bottom of your post I would assume you have a pretty good idea of how to price a job.
  10. Nj shade

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    Western Monmouth guys....anyone have a place to dump grass/leaves? Always looking for new spots, have a farmer now but he is a little on pricey side.

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