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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by DLAWNS, Nov 8, 2008.

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    All depends on the turf heights and species and health. Healthier lawns that receive fert treatments can be cut lower such as a 3.0. Turf that is not treated can generate weeds if it is cut to short
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    is there anyone in that services the essex county area interested in a sod job in newark? it is not a huge job and i do not have enough experience in sod .would like to sub this out if possible. please pm me for details.
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    When did spring clean ups start including weed beds and trimming shrubs? These were always extras when I have done them in the past. I had a lady get 2.5 yds black mulch installed. (Edge beds, weed em) and a spring clean up (3 guys an hour) $300. She said it was steep, we should of also weeded her rock area by the pool, which is a 10x30 area with 1-3" riverbed and trim the shrubs. I had another lady want a spring clean up and thought we were gonna weed her entire property for the price. In the past spring cleanups have included removing all leaves and debris from lawn and bed areas and a first cut with edging. Has something changed or am I off?
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    what part of newark? WHat street?
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    I would take that job in newark but the last time i worked in elizabeth i never got paid in full i stay far away from low income areas. I stay up in the burbs of bridgewater baskingridge area
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    Recommendations for fert and squirt in the Moorestown Area?
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    Anyone in Bayville area want to truck some fill for me? Need to cover a 50x12 area with about 3 inch high dirt. Sandstone going on top of the fill. PM me and let me know. I would do it but am not there and have no way of trucking it in.
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    You can call AC Hesse in toms river.

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