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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by DLAWNS, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. nnj18

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    most people I've been giving estimates to here are waiting until April to start really doing stuff....but we are def a week behind you guys in weather temps.

    oh and i signed up for the green care for troops....

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Good for you, man. It's a really cool program and is really rewarding. Let me know how it goes for you.
  3. mruiz

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    nnj18, I'm happy to hear that you joined GreenCare. :usflag:

    I'm working on getting another list up on zip codes of military families posted.

    DLawn Thanks for the phone call yesterday, I'm glad to hear that you picked up two families. WOW!! :usflag:
  4. shade tree landscaping

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    MRUIZ let me know if you get another list, or know of any families in the freehold area, I signed up but they don't have anyone in the freehold area in need right now. I saw you on the road driving today, good looking Ram you have
  5. hotshot4819

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    Dlawns, what is the process of getting involved. I am in the state of NH. and do lawn installation. I have tried contacted evergreen, but never heard back... I would like to touch base with someone. I dont think my line of work is in a huge demand, however i think it could be used by someone.

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I would call Joy Westenberg at 877-758-4835 or email her at Just give her a call or shoot her an email. Just give her a couple of days to respond because she is very busy as she handles the program for all 50 states. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions just ask.:usflag::usflag::usflag:
  7. JDavisLandscapes

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    I just figured I would run this number past you guys and see if you thought it sounded right. I got a quote through Bollinger Insurance for a million in general liability and coverage on my trailer, insurance on my 2003 f-350, and my 96 f-superduty mason dump. It was quoted at $3,055 for the year......

    Does this sound alright to you guys? Should I look around some more? I really dont have time to look to much, I really need to accept a proposal monday and be ready to work by tuesday.

    Thanks for the input

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    That sounds about right....maybe slightly high, but I really don't think it's too bad. I have a really good insurance company that I deal with. There name is Brauer, Hanson, and Izdebski. They are located in Toms River but they have other offices also. Ask for Johanna and tell her that Bill Depierro sent you. Their number is 732-349-1641. Hope this helps a bit.

    TJLANDS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Hey Bill, I guess you didnt call Farm Family for a quote.
    Because you would have switched. 100% of the landscapers I know that called, changed.
    Farm Family specializes in Lawn and landscape companies, typically 30-50% cheaper than your avg insurance and better coverage from a higher ranked insurance company....
    That sounds like a commercial.
  10. DLAWNS

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    No man...I appreciate the heads up...but for right now I'm very happy where I'm at. They treat me very well and are always shopping for the best prices for me. Plus they are on the ball with everything. My coverage is phenomenal and they took great care of me through my shoulder surgery and everything that was involved. Besides that they are an awesome customer.

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