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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by ricco0311, Apr 7, 2011.

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    Hello Gentleman,
    Found this site a while ago thought I would join in. Great to see everyone supporting each other on here. I run a solo operation in north west nj part time.Would love to make jump to full time but with the economy the way it is I need to hold off on that.All legit with lisence and insured.Things seem to be off to a slow start this year.Is anyone out there seeing the same slow start.I know up here the weather hasn't helped to much.Look foward to sharing and learning from all of you.Thanks Erik:usflag:
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  3. ricco0311

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    Yeah I was. Thought thats were I was posting to.Da computers
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    Tony from North NJ Passaic Cty, I am starting to think about pricing for leaf removal in the fall so i can accurately quote to my customers. What do you guys use as a gauge to quote prices on leaf removal, do you charge by the hour or do you quote a flat price. if hourly what is fair if flat price, do you use size of the lot to give you a number. Any info would be appreciated. Thaks, Tony

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