JG dealer treats me very rude when I take my 717 in cause U did not but from him

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QualityLawnCare4u, May 20, 2004.

  1. QualityLawnCare4u

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    This morning my 717 broke a traction belt and I had a load of work to do. The dealer I bought it fro 40 miles away and other dealer I have bought from 20 miles away. I called closest dealer and service told me to bring it right on, I get there and they start working on it, salesperson comes out and ask me what is wrong with it, I tell him and then went to ask him about buying exteneded warr. and he rudely tells me to call dealer I bought mower from. I told him I tried to buy this mower from him but he was 600 dollars higher and I would have rather got it from him being local dealer. He then says it really ticks him off that buy from someone else and then bring it to them to work on plus ask him questions, it really gets under his skin. I tell him he Is a dealer and I pay them for everything that is not covered by warranty. I ask him if he would drive a extra 20 miles to save 600 bucks, he spins around and walks off. I look at service manager and tell him to get my mower fixed where I could get the hell away from here. He throws up his hand and says thats just Jims attitude and he has nothing to do with sales. I tell him I am filing a complaint with JD and pull out cell phone and call immediately. Im sure they dont care but made me feel better.Looks like my next mower wont be a JD and I had a 737 ordered from other dealer which also tried to buy from Jim and he was 800 higher on this one.
    My ferris dealer is looking good right now.

  2. QualityLawnCare4u

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    sorry about spelling in thread, buy from not but and I not U
  3. Luscious Lawns

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    Hate to hear about your problems, but I've been treated the same way by JD dealer. I don't even price JD any more. There is no room in my biz for a product like that.
  4. chevyman1

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    I had the exact same problem from my local JC guy went I went to get a tube of all things put in a tire because I bought a Dixie and not a Scag which he deals. I told him to stick it in his a$$
  5. mpblass

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    Sorry to hear about your situation. I will always pay a higher price for good service from my local dealer. I do usually shop around and if I get a much lower price from another dealer I will take it to my dealer and see if he can match it or come close. He has always been good about working with me. Great service in this business is priceless!
  6. ztoro

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    No need to be rude... At worst they should fix their customers before they fix you....

    I will not pay a premium for good service. If you want to run a good business you should offer good service as a benefit not as a requirement to purchasing one of your products.

    go somewhere else. F these grouchy bastards
  7. mpblass

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    I agree that they shouldn't be rude but when my dealer is 2-3 weeks behind on service the get to my equiptment in 1-2 days.
  8. Stephen M.

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    I had that kind of treatment from a Toro dealer some years ago, and I reported the dealer to Toro. I also pulled my business. I returned after about 5 years when I began purchasing Stihl products and that dealer was r-e-a-l-l-y nice and has been ever since.

    When my JD HD45 threw a rod for no reason 3 months shy of its 2 year warrantee, JD replaced the engine when they had to agree with me that the problem wasn't my fault. But they only wanted to waurantee my new engine for 3 months, the last of the original waurantee. I told them to stick that up their A**; I wanted and got a full waurantee.

    To put a point on it with the dealer, I said that I knew it wasn't his fault for JD's attitude, but if he didn't get that concession. I wouldn't buy another JD product from him again. Talk about dealer incentive!! I go my waurantee.
  9. brucec32

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    I've been over this before, but if they want to put John Deere on the sign outside, they're obligated to act professionally and fix JD mowers, where ever they were purchased. How many mowers do you think JD would sell if they posted "warranty valid only at dealer you bought mower from" on the wall? They know this. They just lack the guts to own up to the responsibility that comes with the advantages of putting the JD name on the dealership wall. If they don't want the hassle of servicing JD mowers bought elsewhere, let them go try to sell "bobs mowers" or some other no-name brand and see where that gets them.

    The whole idea of franchise dealer networks is that the warranty work evens out. For every one he has to service but didn't sell, another one he will sell and they will go elsewhere for service.

    Imagine what it would be like if every business took that immature attitude?

    "What, you didn't buy your building supplies here at this Home Depot when your home was constructed? I'm not helping you with your paint selection buddy. Get out of my store!"

    I would:

    1. find out who owns the place and write a letter stating that this person's behavior is not acceptable. Copy to JD corporate to make sure they know eyes are upon them. Sometimes the dealer owner has no idea what clowns are running his place.

    2. Contact JD about it and follow up

    3. Don't go back until they've apologized, whatever you have to do. They win when people ignore poor service and rude behavior.

    4. Send a copy of your post here to John Deere so they can see how this one idiot is tarnishing their reputation. This is what will get you action, most likely.

    I did something similar with a problem I had last year and received LOTS of love and attention I doubt I'd have received if I hadn't gone public. I got a personal letter of apology from the dealership owner, saying he was EMBARRASSED at how his people acted, an apology from the shop manager, free loaner mowers that I wasn't going to get otherwise, DELIVERED to my house, and my problem solved. But until I took action, I didn't get squat.

    Cockroaches hate it when you shine the light on them. Unfortunately, most people like this don't snap to and get their head's straight until you MAKE them.

    There's a reason some dealerships are huge and profitable and others are small and unsucessful. Some guys just can't see past their own petty needs to see the big picture. This sales weasel had a chance to CONVERT you into a new customer in the future, but instead he makes $zero by turning you off so much you'll probably never return. This baby wanted you to fund his kid's college fund by paying $600 too much for a mower, and pitched a baby fit when you weren't willing to just play along with his plan. That is what they call narcissism. An inability to see how one fits into a larger world with others whose needs and desires are not always compatible.

    Finally, realize that when you're selling $2,000-$10,000 lawn mowers you're not always going get a world beater. He might be selling Mercedes if he was a real sharp guy and making 5 times the comissions.
  10. QualityLawnCare4u

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    Thanks Bruse, but the owner of this store also has a reputation as being a jerk, The salesperson even said :JL gets upset when someone like you dont buy from us them expect us to work on them and answer their questions. Jl is the owner. Also on the 737 he was 1100 dollars higher! 1100 aint pocket change!, This dealer is out in middle of nowhere and I mean in the woods, still has a dirt parking lot. It looks like a redneck reunion at this place. I think hes trying to make a killing off one machine. I am going to stay in touch with JD but I expect them to do nothing and there is no way I will ever get an apology from this dealer!

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