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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by jimmyjack, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Swampy

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    Awesome thread just read through the whole thing.

    Kind of suprised I didn't see any of the Macks with wing plows on them, or I must have over looked. Do the skids have blades or pushers on them at all?
  2. nedly05

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    Nice pics! how much snow did you get out of that storm, we were forcasted for 3-6 as it was supposed to go south and east of us, we ended up with well over a foot! They are watching another storm for here on tuesday!

    I just checked out JAM's web page, does he have a full time mechanic that does the work on the trucks? Pretty impressive restoration work on the two trucks on the site!
  3. jimmyjack

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    um yes and no ......all the sanders get pulled out and washed off with the fire hose then put back in , a couple trucks get the gates back on , things have slowed down lately after these last couple of snow storms ...... most things we're doing the last couple weeks is snow related
  4. jimmyjack

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    none of our trucks run wings .......the RIDOT run wings........my skids got just the bucket , the newer cat 257 got a oversized bucket, and the j.a.m 257 as a snow box that for some reason they made it a pull box for the driveways
  5. jimmyjack

    jimmyjack LawnSite Senior Member
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    yea we got a little over a foot at the coast and two feet inland.....i think they saying snow/rain mix for tues......

    they have two full time and one part time mechanics, they also have a full time welder/fabricator, they do a lot of in house customization
  6. jg244888

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    so you put the gates on as needed?
  7. john1066

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    do you have more pictures of the mack with the aluminum rock body it looks just like one of our trucks. i think the bodys were spec'd by campanella and cardi
    they are actually designed to dump in a paver and be about half way back in the hopper
  8. jimmyjack

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    i might have a couple , its not my truck to drive ....i hate that truck! whats the specs on yours that ones got a E7 300hp with a mack 9spd maxi torque which is the worst trans ive ever driven , the body on that truck is off an older one i think that tag on it is from the late 70s , but i know what u mean seems like a lot of the bigger union companys when they had dump trucks ran those rock bodys , that truck was a LYNCH corps truck was red when we got it, PJ KEATINGS has a couple trucks in their yard that are 80s Rmodels with the same body......anyway yea it works great for paving only truck u can fill the hopper to its max with out having a mess in front of it
  9. john1066

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    from MA
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    Thats the same with our body. its from the 70's i am pretty sure it came off a lynch truck. When ever i am paving i save that truck for last cause with that gate you can shut it off pretty easy and not have too much in the hopper. that truck has a mack 350 and 8ll tranny. it pulls our 710G on the tag at almost 80mph and you don't know its behind you. were looking for a newer Ten Wheeler now we have that one which is a 1998 and 2 1988 R-models and my brother and i have a Mack R487 steel nose mack 6 wheel dump.
  10. jimmyjack

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    couple from last night, like i said this time of year its alot of snow related work, as long as we get snow once a week will be nice cause it will drag out the normal work till the winters over......

    this shopping center that we plow they dont want the piles of snow in the lot once they get to a certain size , which anything more the 6 inches will make it. so after doing a 8 hr day , went back to work a 10pm work till 3am ...these late nights make everyday just a mush hard to remember what day it is .....

    anyway went down there with three trucks and the 966, each did around 23 loads give or take only had to go bout a 1/4 mile up the road to a empty lot that the same guy owns....






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