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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by jimmyjack, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. jimmyjack

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    ok so forgot to say what this is all for , well i guess back in the 50s to 70s there was a company that spilled/leaked PCBs in the twelve mile river which dumps into lake Hartwell, well in the 90s the river was cleaned once but now they are going to remove two dams that are along the river and all the sediment that is behind them and its gonna be put in the cell we're building . after the hole is cut it will be lined and covered when its done later in 2010

    some local new articles about


  2. YellowDogSVC

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    wow that's a lot of dirt. Thanks for sharing.
  3. landscapesc

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    Great PICS...who are you working for in Easley? I went to Clemson just right down the street. I heard about that project....do you live there or are you just down here working?
  4. bobcat_ron

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    That is one hell of a nice project, I'll bet those MTL's are feeling a bit small in amongst all those big toys.
  5. J. Peterson Grading

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    GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I miss doing that right now!!!!!! Thats the kind of work I did before I started my business. I did everything from load trucks with the excavators, (From 312s up to 375s) ran the dozers, (D3s through D6Rs) Ran the 740 haul trucks on occasion, (Not very often) And I ran the Challys with pans every once in awhile.

    The Eject scrapers are built about an hour and a half north of here and the company that built them, uses a crap load of them in the area.

    Looking good man!!!!!!!

  6. J. Peterson Grading

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    You seem to all over the place. Are you a grade checker or something?

  7. stuvecorp

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    I like the tractor pans. Don't see mass x like that here everyday, thanks for sharing.
  8. Bleed Green

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    Alright I have one question. when you say they are starting to make "the cut", what exactly does that mean? I have seen that phrase before pertaining to earth moving jobs. Like where is "the cut" in the pictures that you have posted here?
  9. GWhunter

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    What is your part of this project? Your a long way from home. It really says alot about the NE economy.

  10. ARP

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    Awesome shots Jimmyjack! Glad to see you're staying busy.

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