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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by jimmyjack, Nov 27, 2009.

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    the next phase in the dredging of the river , that 320 is there to open the path down to the river , cause it was only a trail wide enough for a small pick-up , by now its probably not there anymore the driver who dropped it off said it was only supposed to be there a couple days ........

    yea my plan to leave after work on Friday to get ahead of the storm didnt go as planned , i wanted to make it to Richmond VA before i stopped for the night , but i only got to Raleigh - Durham area in 5 hrs of driving , then the next morning i left the rest area at 6am and took me till around 3 in the afternoon to get past D.C. it was very slow going but it stopped snowing half way though N.J. ......wish i took a pic then the trailer had so much snow on it and the truck was caked , after driving though northern jersey and western ct most of the snow fell off , that's the most miserable part of 95 to drive:hammerhead:
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    love your pics, they really show the true scale of the project!
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    well haven't posted pics in a little bit cause i was layed off, but i got some new work , working local again back at a company i worked at a few years ago, just kinda floating right now till work really picks up then i think im gonna be back driving a ten wheeler ......so heres a couple from last week , on a sewer job tieing in laterals after the other crew ran the main a few weeks before , i was laboring but its a prevailing wage job so i dont mind at all:clapping:


  4. jimmyjack

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    then one of the crew running the sewer main a couple streets over , then one of the lay down yard


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    They otta dump those CAT backhoes and get some productivity (POWER TAN) on that crew!
  6. jimmyjack

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    um no thanks ......the company only runs cat equipment , most companys around here do or deere , case isnt that big in southern new england at least what ive seen.......i my self have only ran one 580k(i think) , the thing i remember thinking i didnt care to much for it
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    This is 100% correct. NE is cat loyal.

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    Cat Logo.gif
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    So that's you guys over there in Newport! I went by the lay down yard last weekend on my way to some early season boating and slowed down when I saw all the backhoes sitting there. My friend laughed at me and then she made some comment about how I'll never grow up, how obsessed I am with heavy equipment,....,etc..

    Glad to hear you're back on your feet too. Must have been an interesting month there.

    How do you like working for JAM? They seem to have quite a bit of work in the RI area.
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    what the hell is prevailing wage?! :confused:

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