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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by eslawns, Nov 10, 2000.

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    I hear constantly about job "bennies" from lots of people. I really am not trying to be a smart guy, but what are you talking about? I heard about this when I was in the military, and the only thing I ever considered a benefit was the insurance. I have a very good retirement plan, and insurance costs much less where I have it now. Nothing I ever got as an employee was better than what I can get on my own. I realize this is because I had crummy jobs, but someone tell me what these guys are talking about.
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    I had a fraternity brother that had stock options at a internet company in Atlanta that he quit. About 6 months after he quit, the company went public. 6 months later, he called to let me know that had he stayed, by his figures, he could have made 1.5 million on his options. He only worked for the company a few months when he did quit.

    I would say that would be a benefit!
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    Company benefits vary from place to place, and can even depend on position in a company. Some benefits include insurance, stock options, 401K investing, paid time off (vac, PD, sick days), company car, company discounts, discounts to entertainment (movies & shows, concerts, sporting events), holiday bonus. Some of these may be perks and not benefits, but I'm not gonna argue getting something for nothing ! :)

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    I work at a Union Supermarket PT. I get: Personal Choice, Eyeglasses/exams Free, Dental, prescription, legal, child care, fitness/gym, 401K, Good Pension, paid holidays&time and a half. All pretty standard stuff, but its all free! Plus I get paid a decent amount for the work I do there. Only need 8hrs/week to maintain bennies. They give me approx 40 hrs/week in the winter with anything on Sundays and over 35hrs is time and a half.


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