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job bid


LawnSite Member
need some help with a job that I did.

6 yards black mulch
160' deep edging
sprayed all small weeds and pulled all larger weeds.
treflan on beds and trees (6 yard area}
fertilized all plants and trees with 14/14/14 slow release
2 hours trimming all plants
22 man hours cleaning up all beds removing old pine straw, and putting down new mulch 3 in. deep.
@ 2 men highly experienced and 1 laborer.
25 60 gal bags of trash, about 8 cubic ft. taken 30 miles round trip to land fill.

I gave this gentleman a price and I would like to compare it with others that would do the same thing as I did. He acknowleges the job is excellent.
How much would you charge?