Job Clocks. Pros and Cons

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by landscaperPaul, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. landscaperPaul

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    We have a Design/ Build landscaping company and have about 15-20 guys in the summer for the last 7 years. The whole time we have used paper timesheets that they fill out everyday and turn in every week. They are ok, but you know the problems that arise: bad math, missing breaks, long lunches, showing up late, leaving early, bad memory, the list goes on... We watch them close, and have the supervisors sign off on them everyday. BUT, i know there is a huge gap between what they say they work and when they actually work. So we have looked into using Job Clocks. (such as ExakTime, VeriTime, etc) Any feedback? What works, what issues do you have, does it save money, whats a good brand, price, etc. Pros and Cons.
  2. BrandonV

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    i'd GPS the trucks if its a issue, you'll know when they're on site, that said we don't have them ourself but I like the idea. we dropped paper timesheets in favor of iphones/ipad/ ipod touches for the crews. No paper, no bad math.
  3. AintNoFun

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    ive been looking at the exaktime myself.. we are in the same boat just do landscape installs and can have crews on up to 4 different sites at anytime.. id be curious to see if anyone posts that has any luck with the exaktime.. putting gps on the trucks wouldn't work for us because a lot of times i have our staff report directly to the site if its a larger job, so only our machines would be on site...
  4. landscaperPaul

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    Thanks for the feedback, we have work trucks for each crew and they show up at the office everyday, so GPS probably would work. BrandonV, how do you use the ipods, etc. for tracking? What system is it? How much?
  5. alexschultz1

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    I use mine every time i have a large project, I have a small bench in my enclosed trailer and the machine is set up on it. Every time they take a lunch break or leave the job they have to punch out and punch back in. I only pay for the hours on the card so it encourages them to stay on the job longer. The headache of worrying about watching over your employees is gone, and its so much easier to do the books because you have a paper trail. The only problem is when people dont punch out. I had to start taking off 2 hours for lunch every time was handed to me without a lunch punch out.

    Im not sure what brand I use, i know its green though.... abcoprints??
  6. johndeereguy

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    We use exact time pocket clocks. One word, AWESOME spend the money, you will be happy you did.
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  7. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    We have GPS on all of our trucks. I know when they get to the sites and when they leave. I know every time they turn the ignition on, I know their speed, route and any stops that they make. That said, I've looked at job clocks but I feel that they are just as easy to cheat as a paper time sheet!
  8. vancouver irrigation

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    We have Gps on our Trucks and machines both work awsome we know when they started and were they inpu there time sheets via paper and insert what truck number with job number they were on that specific day. We also have gps cell blackberries that help disect the location and time
  9. CM's

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    We have all our trucks GPS'ed, which is a great fail safe for double checking discrepancies. We have a time clock system(can't remember the name off hand) where guys call into a number, and enter the job code for the job they are going to and it clocks them in. Same way to punch out, so if they have to go to another site that day, they call in with that code. Great system, but like anything it has its flaws.

    I would get away from paper cards as quick as you can. We did them for a long time, too long probably. I have never regretted spending money on efficiency upgrades.
  10. BFuller

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    BrandonV, I'd be interested in hearing how you incorporated the iPad, etc. into your daily routine.

    Currently, and for the past many years, we send the crews out with a clipboard with the daily work orders and each job is recorded by the foreman as to "time in" and "time out" and then the crews hours are added up from each day's corresponding sheet.

    I'd like to take it a step, or two, further and ditch the clipboard altogether in favor of an iPad system where the crew could enter all the daily tasks from each site, enter any issues the sites may have, crew hours, etc. all through some sort of iPad system.

    I understand that this goes beyond just tracking the crew's hours, but I would think it would be possible to set something like this up on the iPad.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?

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