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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BeautifulBlooms, Dec 16, 2007.

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    Anyone out there able to give me an effective strategy for job costing, so I am able to see how much we made on any given job or property. We have quickbooks and am wondering if it is worth pluggin in all of our labor times via payroll to use those #'s for job costing, or if I should just start my own little program in excel and manually enter all numbers into the spreadhseet, then add in cost of materials and shoot out a price? Anyone have any thoughts on this? Any other programs specifally just for job costing?
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    It sounds like we have a similar business model. What I do is for maintenance we complete a worksheet at each and every job. They come back to the office at the end of the day I review them then they go into a file. At the end of the month I pull them put them in order and use the information to produce a bill and enter information into a spreadsheet. I enter the hours spent at the job and the amount of debris we hauled away.

    I do it on paper because it is just easier I would still have to enter all the info into QB and I would have to spend the time to set it up. We don't use QB for payroll.

    This way I can see month by month how we are doing on any job if they are in line with our projected hours etc. I also have the worksheeets to CYA. I have a meeting next week with a lady who complained she is charged 60 a month for dumping yet we are only taking out 2-3 bags a week. I reviewed her worksheets and found we are over charging her forr dumping but are spending too many hours that she is not paying for, so we are going to meet and talk it over. I have attached a sample worksheet.

    If you want to go through some of my old posts You will find a lot of examples of how I track things. I track almost everything, too much to go over again but its all here somewhere. You can also call me if you like and we can yak. PM me and I will give you my #

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