Job Descripitions - Human Resources

How many of us have arrived at the shop on Monday morning with a schedule and mental idea of the day and week to come, and then had it dashed when the Monday morning rain flu hit and you were down one or two employee's ??

I hated that feeling and it really compromised operational efficencies, pissed off customers,and generally took the fun out of the business ....

I decided some months ago, that that was not going to happen anymore. First step was to get rid of some attitude problems,hire some employees recomended by current employee's and build a program of job descripitions, job classifications, wage classifications,review and appraisal process and let every one know where they were at, where they could go, and what it would take on their part to get them there and beyond.

The program is not fully inmplemented, but is about 75% in place and I have noticed a big difference. I no longer worry about employee's showing up on Monday morning, because there is peer pressure to do good, so the company does well, so they do well individually.

More information is avaliable if you know where to look.


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