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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by worx, Jun 1, 2006.

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    Hi Good People,

    I need a little help with an est. A subdivision has asked for an est. for lawn care of there commons area. I figure each cut @ 300.00.I believe they have a budget to work within.Is it appropriate to inquire about the budget and align your # of cuttings to accomodate the budget? Should I just give the # of cuttings expected each year and price per cut and go that route. I am est. an annual contract.
    Thanx in advance,

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    Only worry about YOUR budget-- Not theirs.
    Tell them what it costs to keep it up right. If they can not afford that, than let some other poor dude work for nothing.
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    Dam, great answer

    Now if I can C&P it, I think it will cover 50% of the post :laugh:
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    If they cant find a poor sap in their budget this year, maybe they will up their budget and you can get it next. Just dont short yourself, You will regret it not them! Never try to work for a budget a co has set. Work for what it costs to do business... or you'll find yourself without one QUICK!

    All Clear
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    You've gotta recoup for your trash and debris removal-canvassing time on that vast a res-commons area so your mowers don't bend blades and damage spindles or launch dangerous debris into proximate windows, doors, BMW's & Caddies, and kids playing. Do it in the form of an "obstructions surcharge" hourly-billed, featuring dates and times.

    Inquire of proximate construction, line installation, or roofing plans and mention that obstructions surcharge will be necessary to additionally weed-whip or brushcut to control growth and recover the areas of lawn so affected.
    This surcharge is necessary (you set your own price for this, friend) especially near any new roofing to insure safe operating practices of not launching nails and debris that may also puncture your equipments tires, the hotter it gets. Recommend the association print a flyer given to all
    contractors requiring them to drag ground-magnets for their own nails after roofing and construction to reduce the lawn maintenance crews time doing it.

    Best Regards and tell us all how it worked out for you !
  6. rustyb265

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    Bid what you need to in order to pay your costs and make some money. DOnt worry about their budget. If thats what they want then let someone else do it.
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    Don't tempt me with that b-word, I might be inclined to test-drive it to see how good it flexes.

    Because with budgets some are deep, some are shallow.

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