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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JimLewis, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Well, we've been hearing about a possible recession and definitely weak real estate market for a long time now. But I haven't really worried about all the hype too much because our business seems to keep growing, despite all this.

    But today it finally started to sink in as a reality. I posted a job opening on craigslist for an office manager / receptionist. That was Friday afternoon. I had over 60 resumes in my inbox by the end of that day. By this morning, I had over 100! And the crazy thing is that - as I review these resumes - half of these applicants are way over qaulified. I mean, this is just a fairly simple $14 per hour desk job. Not quite entry level. But nothing I expect anyone to have a degree for.

    So as I review these resumes, over half of the people applying have college degrees or a similar accreditation! Some are have a degree in nursing. Some are experienced, licensed real estate agents. But many have full 4 year degrees. Holy crap! Is the economy that bad that the best thing you can find with a 4 year degree is a $14 per hour receptionist job?

    I dunno. It just blew my mind. First of all, I've never had that many applicants for a job before - ever! Second, I never had that many QUALIFIED applicants for a single job - ever. It's an employer's market...that's for sure.
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    close to the same here jim

    lot of people out of work.. but people still have money to spend...its

    i have little to no overhead... and some savings so i am not overly concerned

    sounds like a great time to expand your buisness

    think you could find one person out of all those that will be a good fit for your buisness

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    It has gotten to the point here that evertime I am out with my equipment folks will come up to me in a clients yard, store or anywhere asking if I need help. Can't wait to see this years knew crop of LCO's. Jim, can I have the 14 per hour job, I don't look good in a dress or heals though:laugh:
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    economy pretty good here in everywhere in the manufacturing motors is on the verge of hiring 2500 people for a state of the art facility in eastern alabama/west georgia.. not to include the 3000 spin off jobs that'll be needed for all the supplier plants that come with it. alabama is becoming the new michigan of the 70's/80's
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    Well, from my perspective I can tell you that sometimes the headaches and stress (and corporate ridiculousness) that come with a '4-year-degree' job just aren't worth it!! I have a B.S. (eh-em, that's Bachelor of Science...not the other!!) :laugh: in finance and worked for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company for four years as a cost analyst. My starting salary out of college back in 2001 was very good and increased steadily over the four years. HOWEVER, the money did not compensate for the miserable state I was in due to the aforementioned factors (Office Space anyone??).

    I'm not making NEARLY what I did as a cost analyst, but my business is growing and I am much more content/sane. I get to BE outdoors instead of sitting at a desk wishing I was. My schedule can flex according to what I say, not what my boss/the demands of my office job say. And I get to 'flex my muscles' - both literally and figuratively - as I do a kick-butt job on my properties...that's very gratifying in-and-of-itself!! All-in-all, it's good for the body, mind, and soul...

    This, of course, is not to say there are never trials/problems...but they seem to be much more palatable when they do pop up versus the alternative.

    Sometimes simpler is just may not make as much, but boy, you might be worlds happier!!
  6. tbettis

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    not to include the steel plant that opens next year looking to hire 2500 people.
  7. grassgirl4

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    An afterthought...

    I saw on TV recently (20/20, Dateline, or some other such show) that a study was done on earnings vs. happiness...the higher the income (and hence, the more 'toys'/things people had), the sadder they were and vice-verse. Doesn't surprise me one bit...

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    It's funny to see this, on Saturday evening my sister called me to ask if I had any friends who'd like to work as a admin assistant for two weeks starting today. The job may or may not be permanent. I in turn sent a text message to 3 friends, 2 hours later, 2 college grad folks wanted the job.


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    Let me guess, no unions can form in Alabama?


    WDCLAWN LawnSite Member
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    My brother quit a six figure job 6 months ago for the same reason as you and now has taken up truck driving (on the road now). After a 6 months of gaining experience from a company he plans on purchase his own business(trucks). He's on week 1 of driving alone and is loving it.


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