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    Here is the situation, My customer built a new house Jan. of 05. He decides to add on this year. On the back of the house it is 2 stories high (living space plus basement) it is brick and has a porch on the back off the living area. There is a wheel chair ramp from the top of the porch to the ground level where there is a 30 by 30 ft patio. He is adding onto the room by taking it over the porch area. The porch is concrete and the concrete must be removed with the dirt to a depth of 6ft. Now the porch is 20ft long and 10ft wide.

    The job is to remove the dirt from the porch area. Keep in mind all the dirt must come over the brick wall that is the outside of the porch. All must be done by hand( shovel and wheelbarrow) The dirt is to be placed 300ft from the porch area and must go down the wheelchair ramp across the patio and down a wood ramp to the lawn and then 300ft to the pond (which is empty).

    My question is this how long do you think it would take ( how many man hrs) to move this dirt? The measurements again are 20ft x 10ft x 6ft deep. 1200 cubic ft of dirt, over a wall, down 2 ramps, and 300ft away. There is NO machinery to be brought onto any part of the yard! All work to be done by hand. How much would you charge for this job?

    We completed it but I would like to know what your thoughts are. The people that started the job took 2 weeks and got the concrete out and 1ft of dirt (4 guys). We were there fixing a drainage issue and watched them work after an hr the first wheelbarrow of dirt came down and dumped over on the second ramp. His friends laughed until they saw his leg, there was no doubt that it was broken, the foot was facing the wrong way. We removed 6ft of dirt from the hole 1200 cubic ft of dirt.


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