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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bob, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. bob

    bob LawnSite Platinum Member
    from DE
    Messages: 4,260

    I got a letter from Weeds, Inc. in the mail today. It's soliciting for spray applicators. Did anyone else get one?
  2. Gravely_Man

    Gravely_Man LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,075

    I am always getting left out in the cold. I could have used some humor to cheer myself up today. I really need to get over this sinus infection.

  3. Scraper

    Scraper LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,656

    Yeah...I got one a few weeks ago. They must have just culled the information from Delaware's State database. Thought twice about their other locations. ;)
  4. Evan528

    Evan528 LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,144

    I got one also last week! :rolleyes:

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