Job or business?

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Keep job or not?

  1. Yes

    20 vote(s)
  2. No

    21 vote(s)
  3. Maybe

    8 vote(s)
  4. Or tuff it out?

    13 vote(s)
  1. firefighter38310

    firefighter38310 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 24

    i have the same issue as you. i am a city employee with the fire department and county with the Trauma center
    too many retirment options and insurance plus i do enjoy public service jobs
    but my Landscaping business is just that (a business)and i treat it that . i will do both untill i retire and then focus just on have to do what you have to do.
  2. codykilbeys

    codykilbeys LawnSite Member
    Messages: 4

    I will be on the maybe side. It is hard deciding if you only know.
  3. nolanjim

    nolanjim LawnSite Member
    Messages: 192

    Do what makes you happy.
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    CMC CGCS LawnSite Member
    Messages: 7

    That is the question that I am wrestling with right now. I think there is great upside working for yourself and the industry appears solid in my area. Just can't quite get past not having a "regular" check, even though I have enough savings to start a full-time business and personally live at the same level as today for over 18 months.
  5. Texas Lawn

    Texas Lawn LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 262

    the grass is not always greener on the other side. While it may seem attractive to quit your job because of A,B,and C, dont forget what a job is. Its something you show up, do, and get paid for. Maybe a little mundane but other than doing your job, no risk.

    A business on the other hand, you can show up, do your best, and fall flat on your face. Business is full of risk as has no guarantees. It depends solely on you. Ive seen idiots succeed and smart business people go bankrupt.

    Its also hard to have your foot in both doors. If you dedicated all your time to just one thing, then maybe it would turn out better. Its something that I would reccommend doing because its a great business, but only if you have money saved up in case things dont go as planned. Good luck regardless
  6. ELS LLC

    ELS LLC LawnSite Member
    Messages: 43

    I would build the business with employees while you kept your job. When you have all your systems in check and all is running smoothly then I would make the transition. Insurance costs a ton. Create a business not a job. I have friends with mowing companies and they work twice as hard as I do and make half as much. It is all about your system. Keep it tight and simple. Also get out of the field as soon as you can. You are worth more than the 12 bucks an hour it would cost to replace you out there.
  7. Utah Lawn Care

    Utah Lawn Care LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,556

    Keep working full-time till you make more mowing than your full-time job on a yearly basis. Hire a helper to help you for 8/hour to save you 40-50% time. That extra time can be spent adding new customers, helping you stay sane by having a little free time etc. When you do quit your main job you have to focus big time on marketing. Make growing the business your number 1 goal. Grow to the point you're working 10 hour days 6 days/week. That created the option of getting a second truck/equipment and hiring more guys and growing even bigger etc. Good luck
  8. inzane

    inzane LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,478

    I said F' it and left my nightshift job to do this fulltime. the wife makes enough for us to get by, and we don't have very much bills now anyway. the biggest draw back is the insurance.. however, my insurance isn't as good now.. but i was paying about 5k a year through work, and the only time i went to the doctor was for my sleep and depression issues which all went away when i left that dreadful job, and left the nightshift behind. this has been by far the best thing i have done in my life in 9 years.. even though i still say i got a long hard road ahead for the next 2 or 3 years. If my old job was more tolerable and flexible (if it was really only 40hrs a week rather than 60) i would have stayed till i had more customers, just to make the extra money.. however.. it was not worth killing myself over. my family and friends have seen the difference that being on a normal sleeping schedule has made (after 9 years..)
  9. nozzy

    nozzy LawnSite Member
    Messages: 67

    I did this for 12 years - never dreading a day of work. Sold the company and took 5 years off to try other stuff, then ultimately started a new lawn care company in a new city. I'm excited to be back at it! I love being outside, I love dealing with new customers, I love trying to come up with new systems to keep getting more organized and productive and staying in good shape pretty much takes care of itself - even at age 41. I'm not saying it is the perfect job, but it is a hell of a lot better than many who haven't tried it would think. Thank god for that or we would have a lot more competition!

    The good thing is, it really is a pain in the butt for many homeowners to mow their lawn. Dragging all of the equipment out of the garage, getting it gassed up and running, while getting dirty just to mow one lawn is BS. Especially when you just got home from the office and can't wait to grab a cold beer and relax with the family. During my 5 years off I didn't like mowing my own lawn for those reasons. But, when you have everything on your trailer, you are already in lawn mowing mode (a bit dirty), and everything starts on the first pull - it is easy! As long as people have grass that grows there will be a substantial market for this service.
  10. Lawn132012

    Lawn132012 LawnSite Member
    from NJ
    Messages: 175

    If you are young enough go for it. Things could be very nice. If you are older with more people and bills relying on you then I would make sure you can cover all expenses before your quit. i have a few kids and my wife works while I am mainly doing this part time with two friends I would not be able to do it.
    I have a job I really like and the treating and cutting of the lawns is a side business that grew very nicely. We are very steady in the summer months and early Spring and late Fall are tough on hours for us but we decided to hire a 4th person to see how things would go a few years ago. The other person is trying to grow it to be bigger but a lot of competition and we would have to really compete for business. To much risk for the reward for me.

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