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Bob Shoaff

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OK. Here is a question on the green stuff (money not grass). Say for conversation sake you bid a job at $10,000.00. Half is labor and half is materials. Does anyone require any up front money from the customer? Do you set a limit as to how big of a job you do without asking for money up front? And last, does anoyone let customers do like a 90 day payment plan? The first question is what really interests me. It sucks if you do a big job, pay for all the materials then bust your butt, do a great job and then have the customer say, I had something come up and cannot afford all of this at once. Then that leaves you having to pay your creditors and working out a deal to get payment. Just curious on what others are dealing with. I hope I explained that all ok. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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If it is a regular customer, and not a whole lot of money, I will front the materials and collect the total on completion.

If it is a larger sum of money, or a new customer, I will get at least enough to cover the materials up front, before any work is started.

If they have something "come up" and can't pay when due, I will allow them to make payments, with intrest. You really have to be agressive on this one though. Don't let them get even one day behind.


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we require one third before we start, then balance due upon completion. we have arranged payment plans only a couple of times, but this was for customers we knew for a couple of years. we dont offer payment plans regularly.


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I have always covered my total costs up front on jobs. So if is 33.3% or 50%, make sure it covers your outlay. This way I figure all I can lose is my time.


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I always collect a deposit that is enough to cover materials. This is usually at least half the total and collect balance upon completion. I have this written in my contracts. Havn't had too much trouble collecting. Had to send a lawyer a reminder on an insurance job, but was paid within 5 days of notice.

Eric ELM

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Most business places, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, ect. ask for at least 50% down. I think it is pretty much a standard for a bigger job.



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If the bid was for $10,000 I would collect $4,000 prior to work commencing. Lets say the job was going to be on a three week construction schedule. After the second week I would collect another check for $3,000. Upon completion of construction and final approval of the site, I would then collect the final $3,000.

Hope this helps.


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The biggest landscape job I do runs around $2500. I don't ask for any up front money.