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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by tazman7, May 7, 2007.

  1. tazman7

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    Just wondering what would be a good price to place 5 or 6 big rocks (200-300 lb each) along the edge of a property to keep cars from driving on a customers yard. I think the boulders are around $75 a ton...

    the company that they have mow their grass quoted them $1800 for six 200lb rocks.... thats nuts

    I posted this in hardscaping..I think it should go here instead, sorry.
  2. forestfireguy

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    How much is delivery? What are your equipment costs? Rent/own? Overhead? Profit?
  3. Picture Perfect Landscape

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    skid w/ grapple = approx 200
    Rocks $75 + 33% = approx $100
    Delivery Fees = Minimum $50.00 (probably should be more)
    Labor (with the right equipment shouldn't take you more than an hour) = 150-200 bucks.

    Total = Somewhere between 500 and 600 bucks.

    and even that sounds high... after all its just 6 boulders... but you have to rent equipment...

    I would probably charge more on delivery possibly since it will take you jsut ask long to load the rocks as it will to unload and place them, and maybe a little less on the labor... it would seem a little more fair to the client
  4. AGLA

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    Something to think about...

    You will be introducing a potential hazard that can cause injury with these rocks and the edge of the road is usually well inside the road layout (outside of the homeowner's property). That is a lot of liability for short money.There is a chance that the $1,800 was to get the client to get someone else to take on that liability.

    Are they keeping their other guy and just getting a price from you for this one job?
  5. Greenguy1

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    $250 per ton set is the typical price@ 10 boulders 2' dia. approx. 400# each that is about 2 tons, so I would charge between $500-700 as for liability if they are on his property and not in the roadway I see no problem, I had to do a similar thing on a private drive to keep people from cutting short on curves, the speed is only 15 mph. though.
  6. tazman7

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    We own a skid steer if I need to use it but I was just planning on moving them with a tree cart. Basically their property has an apartment complex next door and when the people park their cars they pull to far forward into their grass so they want them to park on the cement, which makes sence. The town that it is in is a half hour drive away from out shop so instead of making two trips I figured I would just use the tree cart since I could park right next to where we are placing the rocks.

    I am doing just this one job for them at the moment, they had us relandscape their whole property last year and they liked our work so they want us to do this after seeing the bid of $1800 from the other people that they have mow their lawn (talk about a joke of a company..but thats besides the point)

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