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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by HokieAg07, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Valve boxes were not common when I started out; all we had were brass valves andbullet-proof solenoids so "direct-buried" was taken literally.
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    ::::falls over in disbelief at praise from ML - then wonders if it's sarcasm::::
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    Of course it is .... you are from FL after all. :cry:
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    Time for the 1st update of the New Year...

    Little history on this first series of pictures. This is the same neighborhood (maintenance free, HOA pays for irrigation for all houses kind of place) that had a short on the 2-wire path back in the summer that was due to bad splice. Install was done by a guy that isnt known for his quality. Anyways I check a few valve boxes and am horrified by what I see along with the lack of grounding. I give them a quote for ~ $3000 to install ground rods and plate as well as go through every valve box and redo any crap splices.

    No protection needed


    2 for 1 !!


    Another 2 for 1




    I dont even know


    1820 needs a new Honda


    Ground Rod/Plate Install



    Went to look at a leak the other day. Leak between building meter/RPZ and our meter/RPZ. Luckly found another shut off so we wouldnt have to do the job on a wknd. Leak was at union on lower part of yoke. Gasket was shot so we made a new one since it is impossible to source a new gasket. After making the gasket we noticed that the union was a metal to metal type so the gasket wasnt supposed to be there. Wondering who tried to fix this leak before??




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    Pimpin' ain't easy.......
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    I saw this awesome salamander today. He was hanging out in the driveway. He's about 12" long. I normally see them a few inches long.

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    Jerry maintains a hospital here in town. Large campus, several Sentinel satellites etc. Had a leak there this past season that started out at 10gpm when the booster pump was on but it wouldnt leak while on county pressure only. Well by the end of the season it was up to 25 gpm. We couldnt find the leak to save our asses. I must of walked around that campus a million times helping Jerry look/listen for it. Jerry offered the mowing crew a bunch of beer if they found the leak. They found every leak but the big one. Anyways Jerry knew a guy that ran a leak detection company so he gave him a call. Turns out the original guy retired and its some new guy. He comes out and spends about 5 hours looking for the leak with his equipment. He found a leak but we are not positive that it is the big one. We will see when we repressurize sometime soon.

    On with the pictures.

    Guy using his speaker probe to listen for leak.


    What he found was this...


    Yes that is a hydraulic 252 body with an electric top. Not sure how long its been in the ground or why the leak was never noticed. I dont think this would be our big leak personally..

    Resulting repair..




    Heres a picture I took today of one of my properties. Sending them a quote to fix the abomination..

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    Thanks for the great pics. I always enjoy the narration also. What's the hot dog buns for? Angry geese?

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