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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by RobD70, Jul 24, 2014.

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    I have a luggable loo and a portable privacy shelter.

    We keep the privacy shelter folded up in a bag under the truck seat for pissing. We take it out often, usually place it at the side of the house and no one knows its there.

    The luggable loo comes out on longer days or remote areas, has a bag in it and isn't that bad to use actually.

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    Does anyone else get excited when they have a brand new plastic bottle to take a leak in? I must say that the gatorade 32oz'rs r the best, especially if they still have the caps; just incase it needs to take a ride to the next house because people are outside.
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    Porta potty here is 90. A month. But we built one on a pallet and has a 55 gallon plastic drum as a holding tank. A-1 charges us 50. Per clean out and they put the smell good stuff in it also. Works well for job sites.
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    My guys pods in half gallon ice t jugs in the enclosed.
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    I personally have NOT tried this but some of my competition told me they will part there ZTR along side the truck, turn off the mower, kneel down like your checking something on the mower and piss on your mower wheel. Now be sure to block yourself with as much of your mower a truck. This will work of a piss but that about all. #2 go to the nearby gas station. please.

    For me it all about timing, go before your start.
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    Hurl the pee filled Gatorade bottle out the window when nobody's looking and dump the bucket in the woods at the end of the day.
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    Take a dump at home before ya shower. Some will say " when ya gotta go ya gotta go" to That I ask, who's running the show ya azz or your brain?

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