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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Red Shed Landscaping, Jun 13, 2013.

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    how hard is it to get the boom part off these trucks? I found a 96 fsuper duty with generator, utility boxes, pintle, new tires for $6300.

    But i dont need the boom piece. did you angle grinder it off?

  2. DVS Hardscaper

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    I think they have like 6 bolts that hold the boom to the body.
  3. stuvecorp

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    I see the job trailer cult has struck again...

    I've used a Knaack box for over ten years and has worked pretty good. My question with the trailer - if it's parked on the street and you are working in the backyard, are you carting all the tools back there? Whats the man hours for that? If you have a job trailer then what pulls the skid to the job? Oh right, now there is another trip or truck involved...

    I unstrap the box from the back of the 550 dump and the little skid or big skid takes it back in one trip, another trip for the splitter and compactor. I can also roll it through a gate if access is limited. I fit my brick extreme and stand, quickie saw, lazer, steel stakes, buckets of common hand tools, shovels, rake, small screed boards, extension cords and some other misc. stuff. It does have to be 'packed' for everything to fit and that does get annoying but for a longer job I stack the shovels on top if it's secure instead of packing it up every night. It is lockable and weather tight. If I remember right, I spent around $300 on the box.

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    How we do it. Different strokes for different folks. If I had larger jobs(more days) I would go the trailer route. I will probably go that way in a few years when I'm running bigger trucks for hauling. Now I'm a one truck show.
    [​IMG]. Top has concrete boots, big floats, kneelers brooms etc.
    middle is worm drive, circ saw, radio, hitli gun, squares, levels, ext cords
    The bottom is mason bags, makita battery kit, two chipper guns, brick carriers, and sledges. On the hooks I have assorted shovels and picks. Rake and broom go in after. On the floor is a hand tamper, demo saw, buckets of floats and edgers and another chipper gun i need to return. Over the winter I will add racks inside the dump body to get the sledges shovels etc out of the box
    The other side holds whatever I need, the jackhammer or plate tamper. Has a ramp and electric winch.
  5. DVS Hardscaper

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    I believe all walks of life and all industries have individuals that spend money in many different fashions.

    Hardscaping is no longer a get rich industry. The margins are VERY tight, and if the slightest little thing does not go as planned - you just kissed what little profit there was goodbye.

    The green industry is full of EGO. We have lawn mowing guys going out and mowing with $40k 3/4 ton pick up trucks. You don't NEED a truck like that to cut lawns. I know of a contractor that lurks this forum from PA that has a multi-million dollar business who mows with cheap used mid-size pick ups with Maaco paint jobs.

    There is a difference between a million dollar company using enclosed trailers for hardscaping vs a 2 crew company that's owner operated using enclosed trailers. See, again, has the EGO convinced the owner to buy something and consume space in the desk drawer with a payment book for something that they really do not need? Hardscaping is not an industry where you can merely buy equipment on a whim, heck, it's hard enough factoring 30 gallons of fuel for the skid steer in the cost sheet. To make good money in hardscaping you need to run as lean as possible.

    I've been a hardscape contractor for 17 yrs, and never once have I said to myself "self, we need an enclosed trailer". And that's because we don't NEED one.
  6. Stillwater

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    20 years ago I said self ... you need a office trailer with AC. Made the mistake of running that by the wife she said you need a WHAT....NO you need a ................
  7. zedosix

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    20 yrs ago I said to myself ... you need a cargo trailer. The guy who freaked out about spilled oil on his garage floor thought it was a good idea too!
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    You guys are still talking about this? Everyones business is different. If you work 5 miles from home base vs 50 miles from home you will have different needs. If you work on large properties vs small properties you will have different needs.

    DVS is correct on alot of things. But I have to say he is is wrong when he says no hardscape company needs an enclosed trailer. No 2 hardscape companies are the same. For shits and giggles why don't be talk about if a hardscape company needs a mini excavator!
  9. Drakeslayer

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    7 years ago I said "why are we paying all these guys to ride in these International 4300's every morning? Why don't we just buy enclosed trailers
    and stop this madness". Green street ever since.
  10. zedosix

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    Your opening a can of worms with that one

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