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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Steiner, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Steiner

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    Our last job we did plumbing, electrical, carpentry, hardscaping, grading, planting, and seeding.

    Was thinking about a way to keep all the people on my larger job sites more organized. I usually jot down all the goals for the next day the night before on my ipad but I was thinking about getting a 3x4' whiteboard and writing out the tasks for the larger jobs, maybe even assigning teams. I usually go over the list with the lead, but sometimes it's even hard for me to remember 10-20 items and keep everyone busy.

    Especially for the last few days of a job where the "punch list" is concerned.

    Anyone do this or have a better way for large job sites with multiple areas? Especially if your not going to be on site?

    My current list of punch items look like this:

    Pick up left over pallet block put in truck bed
    Cut out exposed fabric
    Put in pipe drain gate
    Prime and paint fence
    Cut and install beams
    Soil and seed remaining areas
    Sweep down blow off patio
    Clean up all tools/scraps/ Leftovers

  2. Williams Lawnscape

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    i would definitely get something for large jobs. Being organized and pre-planning will most likely increase your production like crazy.
  3. Wayne 55

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    I have to say this;

    First thing to do is use pen and paper and forget the Ipad. When you jot things down your less likely to forget. Then run off copies and enough for the entire crew. At this point put names to the specific task to be completed. You should have a job journal for every daily activity you or your lead and crew works on. In this journal is the dates and time it takes to complete that task and man power used. What specifically was done every day and items used on the job and what crew did what. You and your lead should both have them. This is a reference to go back to for inspectors questions and punch list items that are a question of completion that is if you work with inspectors. Chalk boards are a waist of time. You need to have organization for a week of work not just one day. You need to put your workers in jobs where they excel and have each specific job one sub lead to complete each task to make sure the job gets done right and timely. With all this said you then know time frames and where your company makes its money and on the opposite end where it looses money or just breaks even. Great for bid work when another job come out. You will totally understand where your company makes its money and where it needs help to do specific jobs to make more money. Great for when you need to hire new employee's now you can be more job specific for this too. The computer world is great but nothing will take the place of pen and paper when it comes to this.

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