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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jason Rose, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Jason Rose

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    Ok, I started using Jobber a couple weeks ago, loaded my customer list into it and have even created a round of invoices with it for snow removal. It's fairly straightforward and easy to use, though like all of the programs I've tried there's always tons of features I have no use for, and a lack of ones that I want.

    For example, why is there no way to print a physical paper copy of a jobs list? I'm not going to try to load Jobber on my smartphone between each plowing job to make sure I've not missed one, it would be a lot easier to be able to just take the job list and print it out.

    Which leads me to the next issue, the mapping. Great, I can map out my entire customer list, but I don't need every customer on the list, I just need the ones I have in place for these jobs. I found I can view them on the map, but there's no option to plan an "optimized route" using the customers in the current jobs list. I need the list in the shortest route order, not alphabetical or by job number.

    I'd also like the ability to regenerate a set job list as needed. Like for snow removal, it's typically the same list of customers each time. I shouldn't have to spend an hour building the list for each event. Unlike mowing, I really can't just schedule the jobs for a weekly basis or whatever, it's something that happens at random. It would be nice to have a saved jobs list that I could just click on each time the event happens.

    I know there's plenty of support with jobber, they have called me and emailed me to make sure I know where to turn when I need help, but it's hard to convey what I need help with when the options don't exist.

    Here's another addition I'd like to see: I've sent out the invoices, and checks are coming in. I'd like a simple check box next to each of the customers on the invoice list. Then I could simply check the customers I received checks from and click "paid" and it marks them all paid in full. Having to find and open each one individually to mark it paid is unnecessarily time consuming, and in the mowing season it's often precious minutes I don't have to spare.

    I like the option of setting up customers on a reoccurring schedule once the season starts. Then at the end of each month weekly mowing customers will already have that part filled in. Of course most will still need to be opened individually to add extra items like replacing a sprinkler or fertilizing, etc. Catch is when every lawn is scheduled weekly by default, and there's a week that the mowing is skipped, then that will have to be manually edited as well.

    Thoughts? Are you having the same issues? Different things you would like to see added?
  2. Southern Lawn Care  LLC

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    I'm going to follow this thread for sure. I'm doing the free trail right now but due to having to have shoulder surgery Iv not messed with much because Iv had to focus on other things. I'm hoping to play with it a little more and see how I do like it. There are something's on there that I wished were different like you mentioned above. Them are some important fixes to me and WHY can't they make a dang app already for the software for IOS and Android phones and tablets. I use a iPad mini for business. I like having a app. For $40 a month I want that app to be direct on my iPad.
  3. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    As far as the app goes, they said this past week that they have hired a full-time programmer to do nothing but build an app. It should be coming in a few months. IIRC, they have acknowledged the shortcomings with snow removal, but are working on that now for next season.

    I just started using it, and so far I am impressed. Should work out well for mowing.
  4. AllBrad

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    Subscribing.... I agree with the invoicing. We offer Weekly and Biweekly. Weekly becomes Biweekly in the fall and all properties are serviced Monthly during the winter. I really liked the simple click system, but still have to manually enter every customers service dates for the year. Not every weekly is on a 52 week plan. We do have one...... :) I am currently reviewing Jobber for the second 14 day trail and I might just use quickbooks apps and save $30/month.
  5. neil328

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    Hi - I would like to let you know there is another product TurfWizard.
    We are currently working on the report to print what we call on demand jobs like plowing. This report will be by crew and should be out in a by the end of the week.

    This product is written for this type of service.

    Turfwizard also has a 30 day free trial period.
  6. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    You might want to start your own thread outlining your product. Clearly this thread is for the discussion of a specific software, not a general thread asking about the different products that are being offered. I think the OP made the thread for the people who are using Jobber to discuss its uses, problems, and ideas in addition to being a wealth of information for the people who are doing some research on their own and are looking for unbiased reveiws of a product they are interested in, while at the same time getting some feed back from the product reps regarding the issues and ideas that have been shown.

    Go look in the Service Auto Pilot thread, you wont Jobber in there pitching their product. While there may not be any rules against promoting your product in this thread, it could be considered by some as a lack of ethics as this thread was clearly aimed at Jobber, not "what other options are there instead of Jobber and SAP?"

    I'll stick with Jobber.
  7. Jason Rose

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    I was hoping to get the Jobber guy to post here, I know he's around on Lawnsite! So far there's questions and people "subscribing" for information, and no real discussion other than that...

    I got yet another email from Jobber yesterday, telling me "I noticed you haven't been using jobber much". Ummm, they obviously aren't really tracking usage because I had it open for probably 20 hours in the last week, lol.
  8. Jobber

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    Hey Jason, I have read the thread and was going to post something yesterday. I was trying to come up with solutions for the things that you mentioned but I ran out of time last night.

    I hope to get into more detail with the points you made this morning.
  9. Sponsor
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    Other than being incredibly intuitive, what other features make Jobber so great? I actually like it a lot too! We are working on batch lists to greenlight for snow removal type runs. The different add ons Jobber has is pretty cool. All humility and admiration for what you guys have built, its pretty cool.
  10. Jobber

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    I will try to address all of what you said but if I missed something just let me know.

    Job List
    So for having a physical paper copy of a jobs list, what you are wanting is to use the Day Sheets . So when you are looking at the calendar, you can look at the grid view, plan out your day, and then either email or print out that day sheet.

    The day sheet has a couple options, you can have it display a map of the locations of all your jobs for the day, and can also have a section for you to write notes with custom lines if you want. Each job will show the time, location, and line items that you have setup for that job.

    You can check out a quick 2 minute video and quickly read more about them in the documentation here:

    Mapping, Templates, Invoicing
    For the mapping, when I look at the calendar map, it is only showing me my jobs for that day, just like the day sheet. I would need to know more about how you are using it to help. Sorry about that.

    The saved job list is something we do want to add, since we know it would help out those who do snow removal a lot. We are just figuring out how to best implement it.

    I understand what you mean about marking invoices as paid and mentioned it to the developers. We are working on something that should automate more of those tasks and reduce the amount of clicks you need to make. Time is money, and our entire goal is to save you time.

    Native App
    We have hired a full time developer to focus on mobile and only mobile. So the mobile website, Android app and iOS app are all in the works. Believe me, it is something that we want just as much as you guys, and are putting lots more resources behind.

    And thanks Locqus and of course TuffTurfLawnCare. You always have our back in every thread :)

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