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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jason Rose, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Landgreen

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    Yeah I see that. That's very helpful.

    Honestly I'm having a hard time with the scheduling right now. It's easy to plan all the jobs out but when a day or two days is skipped because of weather it messes everything up. Its very time consuming to move everthing around. For the mow crews I'm going back to the ole spreadsheet for them to track work.

    Also, I find it very time consuming to get a days worth of visits in the correct order using the map. With 15 jobs its takes a long time. Am I missing something? Is there a GPS add on? It would be nice to click a button and have them all in order according to the quickest driving route.
  2. Jobber

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    Well if you have more feedback on how we can improve the move visits function we can try and include it in the next update. We want to make sure it is working well and not just forget about it after updating it.

    There is the route optimization add-on that is still in beta so it is free to use. It uses a master route so it does not optimize every time you go to look at your route. It will look at your master route that gets optimized and help setup your daily routing from there.

    You could jump on a quick 5 min screen share and see how to setup the route optimization for your setup.

  3. Landgreen

    Landgreen LawnSite Senior Member
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    Ok. Thanks Landen
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  4. Jobber

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    Hey guys, we have had a ton of blog posts in the last month and hopefully some of them you guys checked out. Still trying to find what we can write about that you guys would find most valuable.

    Just wanted to post about a recent update post:
    One new update is syncing of approved timesheets with QuickBooks online.

    We also are going to keep a weekly changelog of everything that get fixed/updated that week.

  5. TriCityLawnCareLLC

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    Sent you (jobber) a private message. Please check it
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  6. Jobber

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    Hey guys!

    We are going to be doing a lot more work on getting customer feedback and collecting it in a way so that we can act on it better.

    We are going to start doing a lot more surveys and phone interviews, so if you are interested in being apart of the future changes I would love to talk to you. I also want to start crediting those who help us out in the change-log and new release blog posts.

    My direct contact information is in my signature and I am available anytime during the day.

  7. Gman2310

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    anyword on when the app is coming out? I was told mid to end of summer and summers basically over
  8. MiscCleanUpCrew

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    The app is already out, I've got it on my phone and makes it easy to send invoices when out and about.
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  9. Jobber

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    The Android App is out on the Google Play Store. We did not do a big announcement about it because there is still work being done on it every day.

    We have 3 people working only on mobile right now to push for the release of the iOS app once its get approval.

  10. ryde307

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    I just got done watching the tour. I will most likely download the demo next week. A few questions I may have missed.
    With multiple people in the office needing to access all of the program for billing, sales scheduling ect is the software accessible from any computer with multiple people logging in? I believe it said it was cloud based so then the answer would be yes? Just checking.
    On the jobs. When someone goes out to complete a job say irrigation service. Is there a way to log time and materials? And then will it transfer in that for to an invoice?

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