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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jason Rose, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Jason Rose

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    Ok, I did figure out how to generate an actual printed copy of my work list, I had to manually drag each "job" onto the calendar. Of course there is no real schedule with that sort of tight time frame, be it snow removal or mowing, so when I open jobber again I get all kinds of notifications that I'm "Late".

    That's where the "click the boxes for the jobs completed and mark all complete" option would be very handy. Instead it's a 3 step process for each one, open it, click the actions tab, click close job. Then click actions tab again, then create invoice, then click create invoice AGAIN at the bottom of the page.

    Now, granted, I can see why it can't be fully automated, as there was a couple that I had to adjust the prices on, and if it automatically generated them all at once it may have been more difficult... But the ability to at least mark them all as completed would take a step out of the process... Plus not being glued to a calendar.
  2. Jason Rose

    Jason Rose LawnSite Fanatic
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    Well, I'm not doing something right I guess. I just generated and printed invoices for this round of snow removal, about a week ago I had generated, printed, and sent the last round. Well surprise to me when they came out of the printer with the previous invoice amount ADDED to the new invoice. Ummm, no I don't want that! Plus even though Iv'e told it that Iv'e completed the job AND created the invoice it's still telling me that all of them have been completed but no invoice was created yet.

    I figured that out by going to the invoice settings and un-clicking the "add account balance to invoice".
  3. Jobber

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    Yeah the day sheets work together with the Scheduling in Jobber. Since I am guessing that you have multiple quick jobs happening each hour, you could just schedule them not at a set time but just anytime that day. Then it could be faster to get to printing the day sheet but it will not be in any specific order.

    I totally agree with you. Right now we are looking at something similar to Gmail where you can select multiple invoices and then choose to do bulk actions with the ones you selected. Making those kind of quick actions very simple to do.

    Yes some do need to be tweaked individually, which is why you can just select all. When we build it in we want it to be done in the best way.

    Right, you can have it add the clients current account balance to the next invoice. Or just have it be a separate invoice. You can just leave the job open and keep generating new invoices for each time to do work for the client, so you don't have to create a whole new job each time you go out there, but can just add a new visit for that job to the schedule.
  4. AllBrad

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    I really like your program, but I do not care for the web connector. I wish there were an easy button for those of us who don't speak error code. I believe the problem to be on the intuit side. I do like the upgrades that have been made since the last time I took the program for a spin.
  5. Jobber

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    Glad you like using Jobber. If you are having problems with Quickbooks you can talk to an account manager and they can give you a hand. If it is something on Intuit's side, we can contact them and let them know what might be going wrong so they can fix it.

    Get in touch with them by emailing
  6. AllBrad

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    Wow you must be sitting at a computer.... I am currently running Pro 2012. Are your 2013-2014 customers having many issues.
    Todays technology can be a pain, but things are going to be really cool when all is said and done. Very excited about the future...
  7. Sponsor
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    Agree with you there!
  8. Jobber

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    haha yep. My job at Jobber is social media and the forums.

    Quickbooks is recommending people to upgrade to QuickBooks Online. They are starting to not do as much support for the older desktop versions when it comes to sync.

    Those using online or the newest versions have far less problems with syncing with Jobber or any app that works with Quickbooks. The sync when using QB Online is even easier then with the desktop version.
  9. whiffyspark

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    Qb online is lousy compared to the desktop version.

    That's just a money grab so you have to pay the monthly fee instead of upgrading your desk based software whenever you feel like it
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  10. AllBrad

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    That is funny. I will try out quickbooks online. I really like the format of the desktop version. Thanks for you help. Thanks OP. Good luck.

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