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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jason Rose, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. AllBrad

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    This is what I was thinking. They have us by the blades....:laugh:
  2. Landgreen

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    So I have been running jobber for a couple months now using it to invoice snow plowing. I really like it so far. Now things are starting to get a little complicated when it comes to lawn work.

    The issue I am having is turning a fertilizer services quote into a job and scheduling it. Let's say the customer returns the quote agreeing to the 5 fert rounds or "services". These fert services are different from one another even though they are the same price. It appears to me that before I turn this quote into a job, I have to divide all the fert services in separate jobs (which is time consuming) and schedule each one for every six weeks. Am I missing something? Seems that there would be a quicker way to do this. Thanks for any input.
  3. TTS

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    Could you just make the job "fertilizer" and schedule it every 6 weeks then change the notes on each one to what you're putting down? Doesn't save much time but its a start. I haven't done much with it lately so I'm not sure the best way to do it
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  4. Jobber

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    Hey Landgreen. The way a "Job" works in Jobber is similar to a contract. So you would win the quote and turn it into a Job.

    Then, for your 5 fert services, you can schedule each one as a visit that is part of that Job.
    If it is setup as recurring job, those 5 visits can be scheduled every 6 weeks and then invoice individually for those visits.
  5. GallucciLandscaping

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    If any of you run Mac computers you may want to think twice about jobber. Not so much jobbers fault but quickbooks for Mac. I was using the 30 day trial only to learn I needed to upgrade quickbooks so I could sync, no problem right? Wrong. The newest sync only works for windows not for Mac. Morale of the story, I would have to do double entries for quickbooks and jobber.

    Other than that I liked jobber and I'm bummed I won't be using it this year. Come on quickbooks step your game up
  6. Jobber

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    We talk with QuickBooks often and there is not much we can do about that. They do not have a sync manager for the desktop version of QuickBooks for Mac.

    The only option is to upgrade to QuickBooks Online, because the sync for the online version is what they are supporting and working on way more. Some people don't want to make the switch though.

    -Landen from Jobber
  7. TriCityLawnCareLLC

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    We love Jobber. We've submitted many ideas of things that we thought could be improved AND jobber staff listened! Customer service is great. My office manager deals with them mostly but she is very happy. Just hurry up with your app! :)
  8. TTS

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    I can second what tri city said support is great and really responsive to ideas for new features.
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  9. cbservicesllc

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    Subscribed... has snow removal gotten any better with jobber? I too had reservations about loading routes right during an event. I have over 120 properties and that would take awhile.

    I use SAP right now and they are painfully slow with deadlines. Their dedicated mobile app was supposed to be out over a year ago. I have some areas that have a gap in cell coverage so a dedicated mobile app would solve some of these issues...
  10. Jobber

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    We have been talking and working with some people from snow removal companies during our Google Hangouts.

    Hopefully someone will be able to answer your question since I too would like to get some more feedback on the changes we have been making.


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