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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by joshman108, Nov 29, 2012.

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    At a glance:
    Overall, I give Jobber an A+ and highly recommend it.

    About me:
    I was (out of business now to focus on school) a solo guy with 35 clients and quite a few random jobs and am about the least organized person in the world. I was using a paper calender and pencil and just picking up the check at the end of the month, but that wasn't working anymore. So what I was looking for would be something that could do everything without me thinking. It had to automatically schedule jobs once I entered the data. It had to give me reminders because I have a bad memory. If I had to skip a week, it needed to automatically move all jobs back. It needed to invoice, collect payment, look good, be available on mobile, be affordable, be intuitive, robust and come with a good customer service as well as provide anything else I might need.

    A tall order?

    I looked all over for software that fit the bill. I might find a good software, but it would be expensive, or there would be cross-device compatibility issues, or it wouldn't be intuitive or something like that. There would always be a problem.

    Then I found Jobber.
    I knew instantly it was everything I needed.

    Not only did it have everything I would expect, but it had even MORE than I would expect.

    Here is a list of everything I loved about Jobber.
    First, as soon as I browsed around, I could tell this was a modern company that understood intuitiveness, aesthetics, while delivering a simplistic yet robust product. On the other hand, all other products I looked at just seemed.... old... and stuffy...and complicated...and problematic.

    So Jobber is incredibly easy to use.
    Another great thing is it is cloud based. That means I can access it anywhere that has internet, just like lawnsite. While I'm on the job, I can create a new client and it instantly updates on my home computer. Sweet.
    What I really loved was the customer service. I started using jobber last spring when Jobber was just a couple months old. There were lots of bugs right? But anytime I would have a problem, I just called Sam at jobber and he made sure the problem was fixed instantly. I would even suggest things that should be added to jobber and the team did it instantly. For instance, I suggested that the desktop version be available on mobile and they implemented it - even before I was a paying customer.

    The dashboard is an amazing feature. At any given moment you can look at everything that needs doing, from payments, to invoices, to jobs, to tasks, to events. Everything is under one roof and nothing slips through the cracks. You are able to check off jobs from the dashboard so you know they have been done (employees can do the same). This is great for complete organization.

    The calendar is amazing. You can instantly and easily put a new client, job, event, task, or note in the calender and it integrates into you dashboard, sends you custom reminders, and anything else you need.

    A super cool feature was the paypal integration. While on the job, I could send a custom invoice to a customer from my phone in just a couple clicks, and they could pay it instantly, directly from their email. Super easy, super awesome. It really helped get rid of non-paying clients because it was so easy customers had no excuse.
    There is an epic 30 day free trial where you can test everything. Being able to test-drive it and see how intuitive Jobber is really sold me. I felt instantly at home.

    Other than that, Jobber offers everything you would expect from a quality company. They are quick to listen and integrate what you want. They are always rolling out new updates and services. Their list of add-ons is already impressive, ranging from paypal integration, to quickbooks integration, to webforms, to timesheets, to chem tracking, to some really cool addons coming soon.
    For me, I couldn't have made it through this previous year without Jobber.
    It was easy, robust, cheap, and was actually fun. Who knew.

    I think for the majority of guys out there, jobber fits and exceeds the bill.
    In order to give a legitimate review, here are some things I didn't like about Jobber.

    I really wanted to be able to email clients directly from jobber, but was unable. I asked and they said it had something to do with privacy and the email subscriber they used and something I didn't really understand. It sounded legit.

    I wished you could shut it down for the winter months so you didn't have to pay, but that wasn't an option. That's alright, because I don't think anyone else lets you do that either.

    Those were my only complaints. All around, amazing software. I was actually kind of sad when I had to shut it down when I left the business. I had an amazing experience with the company, and can from a man who only bought the best and only provided the best service, I can truly say Jobber is the best. Period.
  2. TX Easymoney

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    My initial assessment is b to b plus
    - scheduling is not very flexible...weekly, biweekly, monthly, did not allowfor a schedule which changes like weekly to biweekly..
    - i tried to assign tasks to be perfomed and all five times , the program did not save anything and assign the task to be done on a particular day.
    - no ability to record actual job times that i could see, instead of hitting start button when you begin a job and stop when you complete the job, your employees can only assign the billable hours attributed to a they have to keep track on paper
    -no ability to log employee hours

    More to come....

    I'd say it seems to be solid program for companies with a small number of jobs and employees...lots of good reminders and a slick efficient interface.
    This program is evolving and priced well below many others, certainly will be abenfit to companies which don't currently use scheduling software. I'd say in afew years, if the designers listen to the needs of the industry, they will have a very compeative program. Currently, there are better programs available.
  3. RedSox4Life

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    I signed up for the free trial of Jobber... while playing with it I couldnt figure out how to do something... sent them an email asking.. havent heard a reply 5 days later. So customer service sucks. Thats enough for me to look elsewhere.
  4. Jobber

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    Hello RedSox4Life,

    I'm assuming you're the person that we received an e-mail from this afternoon with regards to this. I personally checked into our records and found that we responded to your original question almost immediately after receiving it and never heard back from you. I sent you another e-mail this afternoon with our original reply copied —*hopefully you received it. I suppose it's possible that it got caught up in your spam filter, so please check there before insulting our customer service, which we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring is excellent.

    Sam @Jobber
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    I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you joshman108 for the kind words and excellent review! It was a pleasure serving you and your business and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

    Weekend cut easymoney —*I'd like to quickly address a few of your comments, and thanks for the B+ rating ;)

    - Scheduling Flexibility: We actually do provide the ability to specify custom recurrence schedules, as well as to completely fine-tune/customize your schedule once it's been created. Visits can be added, removed and moved around as needed. Recurring schedules are very difficult to model programatically, and we pride ourselves on having one of the best implementations that balances complexity and usability out there. We would be pleased to show you one-on-one if you like!

    - The trouble you reported assigning a task is certainly strange. This most certainly isn't an issue that we're experiencing on an ongoing basis as it hasn't been reported by our users, and is a very common process that is accomplished thousands of times per day. It's possible that there was an intermittent connectivity issue or some other abnormality. Again, happy to work through your specific work flow with you to see if we can figure out what you bumped into there.

    - Time Tracking: It's funny you bring this up, because while Time Tracking is something that we've always offered, we just this weekend deployed a number of improvements to our time tracking functionality, and will have a number of additional improvements being added in the next 1-2 weeks, including start/stop timers. There will be an official announcement/feature introduction on the Jobber Blog ( when this is officially released in the very near future. Again though, this functionality is currently available and in use by our customers.

    I certainly encourage you to give us another go and maybe arrange a live demo so we can answer any questions you have in real time. Thanks again for the kind words about our efforts thus far!

    I hope this is helpful to everyone!

    Sam @Jobber
  6. RedSox4Life

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    Not sure what happened with the first email, but since I complained they seem to be making a good effort to address my concerns, regardles of the fact that its sunday night. So I admit I may have been a little premature in condemning them.
  7. cpllawncare

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    How many jobs per day can the calender keep track of?
  8. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    Is there a snow dispatch feature - or something similar for scheduling? I don't have time to create LOTS of one time jobs everytime it snows. haha....I'm looking for something simpler and fewer bugs than SAP.

  9. Jobber

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    Hi cpllawncare,

    There is no limit to the number of jobs you can do in a day. Of course, a calendar has natural limits of usability as an interface, but Jobber has multiple different ways for you and your team to see the work that needs to be done in a day, whether it's just a few jobs, or hundreds.

    McFarland_Lawn_Care: We are currently working on robust routing functionality, but we do have many event-based companies (like snow removal) using Jobber. There are ways to manage to manage your clearing contracts without having to create a new Job every time, and we'll be making this even easier going forward.

    Sam @Jobber
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    Your signature kills me RS4L!
    And still not rich... (I think we could all adopt this)


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