Jobber Integrates With Stripe for Online Payments

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    Hey everyone,

    Just a quick announcement that Jobber now integrates with Stripe for online payments!

    We've integrated with Paypal for online payments for some time now, but we all know how most of you feel about Paypal ;)

    A Stripe integration is something that's been requested a lot, but we've actually done one better and enhanced our ePayment Add-on so that it can accommodate many different payment gateways. In addition to adding Stripe this time around, we've also added Braintree Payments, and plan on adding more as well.

    The announcement on our blog can be read here, and we also have Electronic Payment Documentation that explains the process for getting set up.

    I have to say, Stripe have done a really excellent Job with their service. Setup takes no time at all, their interface is great, there's no monthly fee (unlike Paypal Pro), the entire transaction happens within the Jobber environment so your customers have a consistent experience, and their rates are competitive (2.9% & $0.30 per transaction as of this writing).

    I strongly encourage you to check out Jobber's new Stripe integration. You'll get paid faster.

    Cheers everyone!
    Sam @ Jobber

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