Jobber vs. CLIP vs. Service AutoPilot

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by WrightTurf&Landscape, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. WrightTurf&Landscape

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    I've been debating on which software to use. I want a software that can grow with my company so that we are not constantly searching for new software. I'd love to see everyones input.

    ***I know many of these threads have been created, but I'm interested in these 3 plus ManagementMart***
  2. johnnyflyboy

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    Just started using jobber for 2017...still finding out if It's a good fit, but so far ok
  3. Bunton Guy

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    Happy with manage Mart. The price was right as well. Least amount of learning curve from the few others that had free trials.
  4. islandpro

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    We're using Jobber and it's OK. Jobber doesn't offer an API or any functionality to feed prospects from your own contact forms into Jobber, we have to do it manually which is a pain.

    Another quirk is it won't give you a total of all the bids you've sent out for a given month. Click Quotes, choose the time frame and it will show all the quotes and their values, but it won't show a total quote $ amount for the month or time frame you specify. Unless I just haven't figured it out, lol.

    Lastly, I don't like how we cannot insert links to Jobber outgoing client emails. It would be nice to be able to put our review links into our invoices and customer correspondance emails automatically without doing it manually. You cannot markup the emails with URL HTML, only their chosen mail-merge shortcodes.

    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    I demoed all three back 2 years ago they all have things that you want and they don't have. I went with SAP they had every thing i wanted where the other two didn't. SAP is growing by leaps and bonds where i don't think the other are not SAP is where the growth is.
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  6. Westside Pro. Landscape

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    I will chime in. I have been using Jobber for past three years. There are several things I really like and it is very easy to use. You can start using it pretty much day one with very little learning curve and minimal initial set up. Customer support is great as well. That said we have found jobber lacking some of the things we need/would like as part of a comprehensive software. I think for the smaller company it may be best option out there (if you plan to stay small) otherwise probably better options that will accommodate growth. This is just my opinion after using it three years only to find myself now looking at needing to change to another system that will better meet our needs. Last thing I want to do is change from something we invested three years into, but, there are just too many work arounds and pain points for me not to consider another option. I have spent past two months researching other options and narrowed down to SAP and LMN. It really seems hard to know which is best option. This has been a painful search. They all seem to have the same general pitch and bucket of things they are supposed to do for you. At the moment I am leaning toward going with SAP as they seem to have most of what I put on my list of "must haves".
  7. islandpro

    islandpro LawnSite Member
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    After 3 years of use I'd be interested to know what barriers you've experienced with the software? Can you elaborate a little?

    What were the "must have" items?
  8. Westside Pro. Landscape

    Westside Pro. Landscape LawnSite Member
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    Some things are nit pick things. Others are major frustrations. I will try to list some of the main problems we have encountered with Jobber.

    -No real lead CRM. We can create a custom field to note where a lead comes from, however, there is no reporting in jobber or tracking tied to it. Essentially useless information unless you still track your leads somewhere els. I want to be able to have multiple sales men, Track where leads are coming from, Track quotes and closing ratios by lead source/salesman. Stuff like that.
    -No distinction between leads and clients. As soon as you create a customer profile they are termed a "client" in jobber. To me there should be a distinction. (you could use tags but I don't see this as a tag function)
    -Lacks job costing. This is probably our biggest issue and reason to look at other options. It nicely tracks employee time to a job and has a tab to track expenses to a job, however, best I can tell Jobber does not do anything with this data. There are time reports and expense reports but unless I just haven't figured out best way to use them it is not giving us any real job costing. Using QB job costing no longer an option either as they only sync with QB online which as of yet does not have job costing feature.
    -No good way to use their mobile time tracking for commercial snow and ice management. (From what I have researched looks like other software programs are doing this well)
    -It is difficult to invoice some of our clients the way we have in the past with jobber. Best example is a commercial customer that gets a seasonal maintenance package. Typically we would list all the services (Mowing, Seasonal clean ups, Shrub trimming, Turf apps, Flower planting, Bed Maintenance etc.) with associated price. Then divide all into say 6 equal installments. Not that you can't invoice installments with jobber, however, with above example there are multiple jobs represented so it makes it difficult to set up each job and the invoicing in Jobber. They suggested a work around of creating a separate "invoicing Job". This works but throughs off the reporting as it duplicates the $ (Unless you go back and make the actual jobs Zero Dollars).
    -Once you make a mowing route, if you need to change the service day or crew assigned, It requites going in and editing each customer schedule. Very time consuming.
    -If crew forget to complete there task real time in the field, (they did job but did not record on there mobile app) it can be completed in office by staff/manager, however, it will mark it complete at the time the office person completes it. You can not edit it to reflect the actual completion time and who completed it.

    I am sure there are other things I am forgetting. I have things written down at office and I wrote this form memory. As I said in prior post there are many things I like about Jobber. It just seems to be missing some of the things we are looking to get out of a comprehensive software. I will look at my list of must haves and pass that along as well.
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  9. islandpro

    islandpro LawnSite Member
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    Thank you very much for going into such detail! We have experienced a few of your frustrations as well.
  10. Nunyabisnes

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    We just switched from SAP and went with a software called PestPac. We were having problems with SAP as a lawn and pest company in regards to chemical trackin and also problems with their QB sync that would occasionally have issues so we stopped using the sync. For a strictly mowing company it may work great but as an application company I wouldn't recommend it. Their mobile app also was very glitchy.

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